Holiday wishes to a world gone mad



And so once again it is upon us, The Holiday Season.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or simply the winter solstice, this is a season of celebration.  Or at least it’s supposed to be.

Excuse me if I’m not feeling very participational.

We live in such a sick, schizophrenic world. One of wretched excess and life-threatening need.  Of decent leaders and those who act like inbred sideshow performers.  Of visionaries who send cars into space and bore tunnels under Los Angeles, and cretins who live to undermine elections, both within and outside the U.S.

Shootings are becoming so commonplace that we’re losing the ability to differentiate between them.

Misogyny and bigotry and random hatred abound, even in the face of #metoo and #blacklivesmatter.  How can these scourges hope to be vanquished, when they’re championed by the lackwit in the White House and the benighted minions who voted for him?

Speaking of the President, his White House needs to install a revolving door, given all the outbound traffic in the nearly two years he’s been in office. Even the First Lady seems unable to be around him for any length of time, and when they’re photographed together, she looks for all the world like a hostage.

Children rarely go outside, preferring to stay in, slaves to computer screens and big-screen TVs, getting plump and running the risk of diabetes and high BMIs in the process.

No one looks anyone in the eye anymore or has conversations, lest they miss a text or the latest silly meme.  Idiots still text and talk hands-on while driving, causing myriad accidents and near-wrecks.

Technology is used for evil purpose on a daily basis.  Our identities are nicked, our credit cards and smartphones compromised.  Drones cause havoc at international airports. Elections are interfered with by savvy, insidious hackers half a world away. Invasive cameras are everywhere. Little kids can access pornography in three seconds on a computer, stuff so kinky that many adults have never conceived of it in their wildest dreams.

Journalists are murdered in cold blood by regimes in countries allegedly “civil,” and our President is too incompetent and cowardly to condemn and ask Congress for sanctions against them.

Far too many Americans still cannot get adequate, affordable healthcare. Far too many hard-working Americans are woefully underfunded for their imminent retirements. Many servicemen and women return to the U.S. with grave physical and mental injuries, with no convenient access to VA medical care.

Where am I going with all of this, you ask? What are my holiday wishes for this world gone mad?

Seek peace. Be kind. Have courage. Pay attention. Have common sense. Think things through. Stop bullying. Stop hating.  Stop judging. Shut up and really listen. Choose decency, civility. Agree to disagree. Get help.  Lay down your weapons.

Vote, and vote carefully.

Stand up for what is right.

Take a walk in the other guy’s Nikes.

Make the day better for someone, if only in a small way.

Cherish your family, because they’re going to be gone in the blink of an eye.

Respect yourself.

Just try to be a good mammal.  A better world begins with each of us.  All of us.

Merry, happy to you and yours, however you roll.

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  • Good insights, as usual, Michelle. Miss seeing your wit on CN. . . Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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