We are all a shooting victim waiting to happen


Another day, another shooting.

This week alone marked the murder of respected Chicago PD Commander Paul Bauer, and yesterday, 17 other innocents in the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

18 school shootings this year alone. And it’s only February 15th, my dear babies.

I don’t want to hear yet again the hue and cry of the Second Amendment People (who usually misinterpret it) or the bullshit party line of the NRA.  I am a WWII daughter.  I grew up with weapons and was taught how to shoot by my father.  I enjoyed target-shooting, was an NRA member and have been a gun owner.

But no more.  I quit the NRA four years ago and haven’t had a gun in my house for a long time.  Why the 180-degree turn?

Because guns are too easily obtained in our society by people who have no business with them.

Take guns of the equation, and you will have no mass-shootings.

Read that again.

A disgruntled or mentally-ill person on his or her own is just that.

A disgruntled or mentally-ill person with firearms is walking mass-murder waiting to happen.

No easy answers, God knows.  But we have to take action – do something!  Thoughts and prayers are kind but useless.

I have two suggestions.

Number one – better-help the unhinged.  We need to better-identify and have more structures in place to help these people FAR better than we do currently.  Nationwide, funding to aid the mentally-ill has decreased dramatically, including in Illinois by our Governor Rauner.  Somehow, we have to get our state and federal governing bodies to understand this.  Just as you can only rarely break addiction on your own – you need professional help for it to stick – the same goes for mental illness.  It doesn’t cure itself. These people need help!

Number two – somehow, some way, stop the proliferation of firearms, especially automatic handguns and rifles.  Unless you are in law enforcement or in the military – tell me, please – exactly WHY do you need weapons of mass-murder?  The six-shooter was the firearm of the wild-west days, and that was bad enough.  Today you can easily obtain a rifle with firepower enough to kill 10-20-30 people in a few short minutes.

Fuck the NRA.  Amend the Second Amendment.

Be it in church, at work, at school, at a concert, in a club, on the street where you live, make no mistake – every last one of us is a shooting victim waiting to happen.

This is America!  We were forged to be so much better than that.  It’s sickening what we’ve allowed to happen.

John Donne long-ago wrote, For Whom the Bell Tolls.  Today, more then ever, it tolls for thee.

Unless we relentlessly push our legislators for true change, we – and our children, and our children’s children – will live always with a target on our backs, a gun tragedy just waiting to happen.


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