America the Lost


What the hell have we become?

We have a pro-gun, megalomaniac leader who is only borderline sane and dangerously incompetent, whose first reaction in any crisis is the furtherance of his own ego.

Last night in Las Vegas, the worst mass-killing in U.S. history occurred, by (surely) a lunatic, wielding a machine gun from the windows of a high-rise casino at innocent country-music fans.

Not a week goes by without a school shooting or a church shooting or a theatre shooting or a ….

We can’t get proper help to a U.S. territory, who is suffering to the point of death in the aftermath of a savage hurricane, which surely will lead to violence if not assuaged.

Rahm Emanuel does not rule Chicago. Gangs rule Chicago.  And have for decades.

Neo-nazis and ISIS-sympathizers and just-plain garden-variety racists abound anew, killing and maiming with impunity.

And the NRA runs roughshod over Congress, same as it ever was.

It hardly matters, as Congress represents only itself and it’s own interests.

Too many guns.  Too many rifles.  Too many automatic weapons.  Too damned easy to get.

Unless it’s in the hands of the military and the police, ONE is too many.

We have conceal-and-carry now in all 50 states.  And it shows.  Every damned day, somewhere in America, someone else gets shot.

We’re 325,032,674 human targets.

I’m tired of prayers and thoughts and vigils and candles.

I’m tired of front-yard placards saying, Got Love?

I’m tired of marches.

After last night in Vegas, I don’t believe anymore that there IS a solution.

You and I know goddamned well that we can’t make the Second Amendment disappear into thin air.  It will always be with us and always misinterpreted.

But guns haven’t protected us. Guns – especially automatic weaponry – have become the death of us.

And I am angry.

And it scares the shit out of me.

But consider this: hateful people and crazy people with NO guns are, simply – hateful and crazy.

It’s the guns.  It’s the guns.  It’s the guns!

What the hell have we become?

We.  Are.  So.  Lost.

P.S.  I come from a WWII, gun-savvy family.  Dad taught us to shoot and I did for many years.  I was an NRA member until 5 years ago.  But never again.  Wake up – before it’s YOU laying on the ground, dead, at some concert.  Or church.  Or workplace. Or …….

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    How could he have that many guns in a room that has security unless this was a planned attack with someone on the inside. We will never know the truth because we are only given the aspect that the talking heads feed us and whatever channel you watch it’s the same “fake” news. Of course it’s the gangs and the guns and ISIS. But still all the mouth pieces accomplish nothing. Obama did nothing for this Country maybe the lunatic as you call him will actually accomplish something. As for Rahm Emmanuel don’t even get me started he has destroyed everything Daley did for Chicago
    I too will be leaving the City I love. Can’t afford it any longer. So how many more must die before something is done m? Ask the previous president he had 8 years and didn’t stop the gang or weapons being funneled into Chicago. Being a Chicagoan and friends with Rahm why didn’t he do something? Carole Hirth

  • In reply to Carole Hirth:

    Good questions, Carole. As I understand it, Nevada has one of the most liberal "carry" laws in the nation - a host on WGN radio yesterday said that the LV shooter could actually have legally walked into the hotel lobby simply carrying the weapons. While surely that didn't occur - he HAD to have made multiple, concealed trips to lay-in such an arsenal - it does appear that he acted alone.

    As to former President Obama and guns, I agree with you. In great part, he was elected at an emotional fever pitch the same way that his successor got in. I.e., emotional over intellectual voting. Never good. But at least his mental state wasn't in question. His main problem was ego, and end-running Congress when it suited his purpose.

    The jury, of course, still is out on President Trump. One thing I believe is that you can't run a country the same way you ran businesses. A different skill set is needed. And he'd better learn it quickly.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

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