My 30-day Peter Cetera Challenge


I’m ready, baby!

You can blame this next month of posts on my fellow-CN writer, Howard Moore.  Who, by now, is either rolling his eyes far back into his head or taking bets I can’t accomplish this.  Or both.

Howard noticed – with horror and revulsion, I might add – that I had made several Peter Cetera references in two recent posts. (See: Explanation of my jones for “Dr. Wu” vis-a-vis Cetera, and Why singing Cetera songs in the car might portend new employment.)

For the uninitiated, Peter Cetera was the former bassist and singer with the seminal 70’s rock band, Chicago, one of the original lineup of seven masterful players.  He left he band in the mid-80’s, for what turned into a now 30-year+ successful solo career.

When you write a blog for awhile, it’s easy to get stale.

Like everything else, it’s often best to go back to your roots.

When I began this blog back in 2015, it was posited thusly: “Humor – Music – Passion – you know; the GOOD stuff.”

That mission often was derailed, too often (24 times!) by Donald Trump. I say, time to get back on the funny, sexy music train!

Hence – the 30-Day Peter Cetera Challenge!

Several of my compatriots here at ChicagoNow have done similar challenges, including from Tara Scalzo’s blog, Red & Company her hilarious 2013 30-Day Sex Challenge, and Nina Kushner Vallone’s 30 Days of Gratitude 2015  from her blog, You Know Neen (there’s also one for 2016).

So, the bar has been set.  Am I daft?  Can I do it?  Can I tie Peter Cetera into my writing and make it relevant/interesting/amusing/entertaining for 30 days?

Hey, if he can fight for my honor, the least I can do is show him (and you) what one good woman can do!

e8d3b225a4f48ca50206d0e4213ddf91Cetera say, “Come orbit Planet Michelle!  Ooo-oo-ooo!  If you know what’s good for you! Oooo! Just type your e-mail in, and give my girl a spin! Ooo-ooo mama!  It’s a win-win!”  Can’t argue wid dat, mah babies!  So do like Cetera say!  No spam-ola; opt out at will (but why, baby?)

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  • So much to say and so little time...HA!!!
    a. At least Tara was getting laid during her 30 day challenge. Well some of the time.
    b. Nina had guest writers and for that she was grateful. (I'm personally acquainted with one of her writers)
    c. Doesn't MBA Mom (Leah) get any blame/credit noooo blame for this challenge. She made fun of the song!
    d. I was shocked to see my name (I wonder if the link got me any readers), then I rolled my there!
    e. It's too bad it wasn't Pete with the gun instead of Terry.
    f. Good luck with the challenge.
    g. You're nuts...luvya

  • In reply to Howard Moore:

    a. Bully for Tara! Not exactly my goal, here, though.
    b. Nina's two gratitude challenges were awesome. The only interview/guest I'm aiming for (other than Cetera himself) is James Guercio. The search is on.
    c. Yes - Leah, I am remiss. You, too, were The Inspiration!
    d. You have enough readers, Mr. Always In The Top 25 Now. But you may roll your eyes at-will. I imagine you'll be needing an opthamologist by June 21st.
    e. I'll pass that along when I meet him.
    f. Thanks. Let's hope it's not a Big Mistake!
    g. That I am. LuvUBack.

  • Oh. My. Michelle!
    A. I admire your humor and tenacity! A challenge is not for the faint of heart!
    B. Thanks for the shout out!

  • In reply to Nina Vallone:

    Any time. I love your stuff!

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