Top Ten thoughts from my first year of blogging at Chicago Now

one year

Happy Labor Day weekend, my babies!  Today marks the first anniversary of my first post here at Chicago Now.  In case you missed it, it was about my fun first colonoscopy.

In the months that followed, I blathered on about Boris Johnson, sex, insomnia, Donnie Trump, unrequited love (can you hear me, Dr. Wu?), coffee, sex, McDonald’s at midnight, Thelonious Monk, the Playboy Mansion, Trump, sex, Hillary Clinton, Mick Jagger, sex, James Dean, tooth whitening, Trump, sex, Marilyn Monroe, erectile dysfunction – and of course, my beloved Donald Fagen and Steely Dan.

79 pretty-electic posts.  (If I’ve whetted your appetite, go up-top here, click on Archive and binge your sweet bum off!)

ANYhoo, thoughts abound on this, my First Blogaversary day:

10.  I’m an insecure narcissist.  (I think many writers are.)  I am cheeky enough to believe I can amuse the world with what I think is funny and compelling, but often I worry that I’m pedestrian. In other words, I’m confident, yet I fear sucking.

9.  Great advice from a Greek guy I know:  Write honestly.  Stop hiding.  (Point taken.)

8.  I write because I am compelled to.  Always been so.  Always will be.

7.  Writing often is difficult.  Word-birth.

6.  The heartfelt post you carefully construct for hours will tank.  The post you cobble together from notes you wrote on a lunch napkin will kill.

5.  There is a trap called Thinking and Talking About Writing.  JUST WRITE.  Let it fly.  Edit later.

4.   Writing is solitary, so you must validate yourself.  If you don’t like, believe, laugh at your own work, no one else will.  Please yourself – your little monkey brain, your inner weirdo – and just let it rip.

3.  Chicago Now has an amazing reach.  Look at your Analytics, my fellow-blog-babies.  This is an incredible international forum.  Ich bin ein blogger!

2.  CN has an amazing group of blog-istas.  It’s been a super-cool pleasure to get to know many of you.  Laughed a lot – and learned more.  (And our editor kicks ass.)

1.  It’s a mondo-pleasure to be here at CN.  So grateful, and so excited about the year(s) to come!


Kind thanks to all the orbiters of Planet Michelle.  You rock and I love you!


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