Christmas, Aeschylus and the Coronavirus.

Well, hello, my dear babies.  Your favorite Planet has taken quite the sabbatical, hasn’t she?  I’ve posted only a few times this year, and then only about the Novel You-Know-What. I can barely speak its name at this point in the proceedings, so has it spun our world like a dreidel. Yet here it is,... Read more »

Laughter: the (second) best medicine for COVID-19

OK, so anyone with working grey-matter (not always a given, BTW) knows that the best medicine for COVID-19 will be a vaccine to eradicate it (#onedayhopefullysoonpleaseGodBuddhaYodawhomever). In my various stages of freaking out about this disease, I’ve come to see that the second-best medicine in this mess is finding something to laugh about. Of course, there’s nothing... Read more »

My Coronavirus freak-out, part 3 - so where are we, really?

Well, my fellow COVID-19 hostages, it’s been over two months since we were commanded house-bound by the State.  And there’s no practical end in sight, for all that Governor Pritzker moved the finish line to May 30th. If you believe that, I have a 55-gallon drum of Purell in my garage, just for you. Years... Read more »

My Coronavirus freak-out, part two - and some words from FDR

Oh, Jeez – where to begin? (And please bear in mind, I’m not making light here – this is the single, most dire health event most of us have experienced in our lifetime, unless you were around for the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.) So here’s what I can’t handle about the nasty, one-celled little fucker... Read more »

The Coronavirus has me, whether I contract it or not

  It is 6:18 am, Sunday morning, March 22nd.  I just woke up. I can hear birds singing outside my window.  It seems, somehow, incongruous to hear them. Like it’s a normal morning. It’s most decidedly NOT a normal morning.  For the state of Illinois has been on lockdown since 5 pm last evening.  Not... Read more »

Whooo R U ? I'm an AOID! (American of Italian Descent)

Whooo R U? My last vanity plates said just that – WHOO R U. Not for The Who song, or the show CSI. I simply liked the existential question. It’s a good question; there are so many ways to self-identify. Race, gender, gender predilection, neighborhood, religion, profession, financial status, political bent and/or my favorite – ethnic heritage. We... Read more »

Things I Hate - Winter 2020 Edition

Haven’t done a “Things I Hate” post for awhile. Which is odd, because I hate so many things and people! So let’s vent some spleen, shall we? Do any of these intersect with YOUR hates? The Your/My/Our “brand” thing.  Since when does everyone require a freaking brand? When did we all become Budweiser and Kotex? Can’t... Read more »

Honoring guitar legend Terry Kath, on the 42nd anniversary of his death

Here's an oldie of Chicago. Terry's the dude in the center with the groovy sandals. Hey, it was the 60's. Toes were in! (Or, rather - out!)
Hard to believe that guitar genius Terry Kath of the rock band Chicago (when it actually was a rock band) has been gone 42 years today. Terry always has been my favorite guitar player (with The Dallas Bad-Ass, the incendiary Stevie Ray Vaughan, a very close second). Terry was pure creative fire. He died young (age... Read more »

The horror of the workplace bathroom

Today, my babies, we shall discuss the workplace bathroom. If yours is of adequate size and appointment, AND off the beaten path, you are one lucky puppy. Damn-near everywhere I’ve worked, the loo was a maximum of 10 feet from the office area.  I’m sitting at my desk right now and can see both bathrooms.... Read more »

Adieu, 2019 - I'm ready for some 2020 vision

Happy almost-New Year, my babies.  My mind is all over the place, as it is at most years-end (and every other day, truth to tell), so I figured I’d share a some of my cranial contents with you. As with most years, I’m glad to see this one go. Frankly, I don’t think there’s ever... Read more »