Goodbye, My Darling Philomena

This is one I never wanted to write, my babies … but I must. My wonderful mom has died. After a 10-year battle with the scourge of Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s finally won. But not without a hell of a fight. My little five-foot-one mama gave it all she had. She showed reserves of grace and strength... Read more »

Stuff I Am Tired of Hearing About.

Stuff I Am Tired of Hearing About.
Hello, my babies! I’ve been in quite the foul mood lately. At first I thought it might be due to advancing age, too-tight Skims or having been unemployed for 10 months now and counting. (Were I not an old bag, I could have incubated and popped out a puppy in less time. But I digress.)... Read more »

LGBQT, et al.

I have some thoughts on subject of the gay/lesbian/bi/trans etc. I am a straight woman. At least I think I’m still straight. It’s been awhile since I’ve dated, so I suppose that lesbianism could have snuck up on me, unawares, in the meantime. Whatever. I’m not averse to dinner with some nice gay gal, and... Read more »

RIP Amy Winehouse, 10 years on - why the little Jewish girl from London still matters.

RIP Amy Winehouse, 10 years on - why the little Jewish girl from London still matters.
Legendary British singer Amy Winehouse died ten years ago this Friday, July 23rd, a member of that damnable “27 Club” that took so many artists before her – Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain – at age 27. Afflicted by acute alcohol addiction and the effects of years of bulimia (she had... Read more »

Christmas, Aeschylus and the Coronavirus.

Well, hello, my dear babies.  Your favorite Planet has taken quite the sabbatical, hasn’t she?  I’ve posted only a few times this year, and then only about the Novel You-Know-What. I can barely speak its name at this point in the proceedings, so has it spun our world like a dreidel. Yet here it is,... Read more »

Laughter: the (second) best medicine for COVID-19

OK, so anyone with working grey-matter (not always a given, BTW) knows that the best medicine for COVID-19 will be a vaccine to eradicate it (#onedayhopefullysoonpleaseGodBuddhaYodawhomever). In my various stages of freaking out about this disease, I’ve come to see that the second-best medicine in this mess is finding something to laugh about. Of course, there’s nothing... Read more »

My Coronavirus freak-out, part 3 - so where are we, really?

Well, my fellow COVID-19 hostages, it’s been over two months since we were commanded house-bound by the State.  And there’s no practical end in sight, for all that Governor Pritzker moved the finish line to May 30th. If you believe that, I have a 55-gallon drum of Purell in my garage, just for you. Years... Read more »

My Coronavirus freak-out, part two - and some words from FDR

Oh, Jeez – where to begin? (And please bear in mind, I’m not making light here – this is the single, most dire health event most of us have experienced in our lifetime, unless you were around for the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.) So here’s what I can’t handle about the nasty, one-celled little fucker... Read more »

The Coronavirus has me, whether I contract it or not

  It is 6:18 am, Sunday morning, March 22nd.  I just woke up. I can hear birds singing outside my window.  It seems, somehow, incongruous to hear them. Like it’s a normal morning. It’s most decidedly NOT a normal morning.  For the state of Illinois has been on lockdown since 5 pm last evening.  Not... Read more »

Whooo R U ? I'm an AOID! (American of Italian Descent)

Whooo R U? My last vanity plates said just that – WHOO R U. Not for The Who song, or the show CSI. I simply liked the existential question. It’s a good question; there are so many ways to self-identify. Race, gender, gender predilection, neighborhood, religion, profession, financial status, political bent and/or my favorite – ethnic heritage. We... Read more »