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A Duet Between Friends

A DUET BETWEEN FRIENDS I love duets between two singers/musicians.  It’s fun to watch two people feed off each other’s energy and take their performance to a higher level.  A song is made that much more special when you can watch the performers’ expressions and realize what the song means to them.  Their passion for... Read more »


How well do we truly listen to one another each and every day?  We make good efforts to give our undivided attention to friends, family, co-workers and others we run into day in and day out. A [very] brief example: Me: “What time is the concert?” Him: “Yes.” Yes? Yes what? REMEMBER TO BREATHE… I... Read more »

Remembering The Breakfast Club

Halloween was approaching and my daughter was contemplating dressing up as Molly Ringwald’s character in the hit movie The Breakfast Club.  Naturally, I was excited, since it’s an all-time favorite movie of mine. Immediately I started coaching my daughter on what to wear.  She listened patiently (for a while).  Fans of the movie may nod when... Read more »

The Time Deep Purple Slammed the Door in Our Faces

A guessing game is currently going around on Facebook; it goes something like this: I’ll name 10 bands/solo artists. I’ve seen 9. Guess the one haven’t I seen. I won’t bore you with the details here; I’m sure most everyone has seen it by now. It’s fun. It encourages memories of nights out with friends,... Read more »

The Beatles – Bringing Love to Elvis Fans Everywhere

Several weeks ago I was rather reluctant to attend a live concert by American English – a successful Beatles cover band who got their start in the 1980’s.  Generally I enjoy Beatles songs, but I gravitate more toward Elvis Presley and his breakout tunes.  As actress Uma Thurman observed in the movie Pulp Fiction, we... Read more »


I read today that the President has suggested making budget cuts to the arts and humanities government funding – namely the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As Howard Reich pointedly indicated in this week’s Chicago Tribune article, cutting arts funding will be a huge... Read more »

The Blues Brothers Go to College

When my daughter first left for college over four years ago, I fretted over whether I succeeded as a parent and dutifully prepared her for living away from home for the first time. We parents have many things to worry about when our kids enter college territory, including homework, parties, boyfriends, girlfriends, more parties. Besides... Read more »

Dancing In Chicago

A close friend recently asked me to play host at an annual event in Chicago showcasing the talents of local choreographers and dancers. In the past I’ve danced with her troupe, mildly enjoying the spotlight but these days opting to be an audience member instead. When she requested the favor, I immediately said Yes. After... Read more »