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Why Jack Lemmon Is Still So Hot

This post is a winner of ChicagoNow’s 20 Best Posts of December, 2017. Over the years I’ve developed a huge crush on the actor, Jack Lemmon.  I’m not sure when it first started, but I’ve been a fan of his movies for many years.  So much that I’d have married him if I had the... Read more »

Just Another Day With the In-Laws

My husband and I typically spend a few hours each weekend with my in-laws.  It’s then that I learn more about them as individuals – especially my father-in-law, Bill. To first meet Bill, one finds a mild-mannered octogenarian, who is happy spending his time visiting friends, sketching landscapes using colored pencils, or puttering around his... Read more »

Black and White Photo Challenge: In my own way

Many of us have come across or already participated in the Black and White Photo Challenge on Facebook:  post a black and white photo each day without citing any words or individuals. Since I like to do things differently, I decided to post the scenes I come across on a daily commute to work.  I disregarded... Read more »

When We Said Good-Bye

It’s that time again… the monthly Blogapalooz-Hour for us ChicagoNow writers. WRITE ABOUT A TIME YOU HAD TO SAY GOOD-BYE. Our monthly Blogapalooza hour is upon us tonight.  We have one hour to write.  No rules except one:  write and submit within one hour.  The topic is to write about a time when we had to say... Read more »

Why We Shouldn't Sweat the Holidays

Last week I reported on a potential Thanksgiving dinner I was hosting.  Well, that didn’t actually turn out. But it got me thinking.  And when I get thinking, I start writing… THE MUNDANE mundane (adj.): found in the ordinary course of events ( At times we get tired of the same old, same old. Go... Read more »


It’s almost Thanksgiving Day – a favorite holiday of many, including mine. So I was excited as I cycled on the gym elliptical and watched a cooking show called The Chew on the overhead TV.  That day’s program focused on Thanksgiving dishes – which somehow made my cycling worth all the effort for the extra... Read more »

Confessions of a Sushi Novice

It was the last day of October and the wind chills were in the 20’s. What they say about cold weather must be true: one needs extra calories since we burn more trying to keep warm. I was cold and hungry and looked forward to an appetizing lunch that workday. Usually I do pretty well,... Read more »

Schizophrenia Is Scary Stuff

Life is unfair.  And schizophrenia is scary stuff. The first part I already knew.  The second sentence – well, I’ve been learning more about that since early August. My brother-in-law suffers from schizophrenia – has for over 40 years.  Typically his condition is controlled with medicine and he lives without fear.  He lives in a... Read more »

Remembering The Breakfast Club

Halloween was approaching and my daughter was contemplating dressing up as Molly Ringwald’s character in the hit movie The Breakfast Club.  Naturally, I was excited, since it’s an all-time favorite movie of mine. Immediately I started coaching my daughter on what to wear.  She listened patiently (for a while).  Fans of the movie may nod when... Read more »

Do You Know How To Use A Typewriter?

A young associate at my office approached me the other day and asked… “Heidi, do you know how to use a typewriter?” My gut reaction was to roar with laughter.  But instead I replied with a simple “Yes, how may I help you?” Immediately images ran through my head of us students taking Typing at Morgan... Read more »