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PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST – Chicago Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into For the first time in my life, I’m working remotely from home. It’s been months, and I sit here alone, except for listening to WXRT Radio as my companion:  Fittingly, Beck’s Uneventful Days is on today’s line-up. The advisory comes through each hour:... Read more »

Can Humor Calm Our Nerves?

This is a winner of ChicagoNow’s Best Posts for March 2020.  Thank you for reading and sharing. I came home from shopping at Aldi a couple days ago.  Actual driving and shopping took about 40 minutes. Not too bad, considering. I spent another hour in a tizzy, washing and sanitizing the groceries once I arrived... Read more »

The Two Paragraph Challenge

  My husband challenged me to write a blog in two paragraphs or less. Has he gone mad? Or perhaps he finds my posts too long for his liking? ‘Cause I love to talk.  Which leads to… more writing. Can I do it?  Let’s try. ‘Cause I love proving a point. Disclaimer:  This prelude doesn’t... Read more »

I'm Not 36

This post was chosen as one of ChicagoNow’s 20 Best Posts of August 2019. Enjoy and check out other ChicagoNow bloggers — ’cause I said so! “I wanna rock-n-roll all night. And party every day.” Kiss was playing on my headphones while I was pedaling the Peloton bike earlier this morning. I can’t lie:  that... Read more »

Dad's Toolbox

DAD’S TOOLBOX Throughout my life, my dad and I always seemed to be missing a connection.  There was a missing link, or two.  Or three.  It was difficult to tell sometimes, since we didn’t have many Kodak moments together.  Instead, many of our photos consisted of we three kids making surly faces while Dad did... Read more »

How's Your Morning Commute Going?

This Post is one of the winners of ChicagoNow’s Best Posts for June 2019.  Enjoy. How’s Your Day Going? I sat on the Metra train this morning, trying to conjure up a writing idea for another blog post. What to write; what to write. I thought back to 2017, when I met a topic challenge... Read more »

Chicago: The City That Works

This post is one of the winners of ChicagoNow’s Best Posts of April 2019 Plus, the Trib used my photo as its feature.  Yay! CHICAGO:  THE CITY THAT WORKS We moved out of the city several years ago, but we go back often enough.  And each time we do, I’m still excited to hear the... Read more »

An Address Book Full of Memories

This post is a winner of ChicagoNow’s 20 Best Posts of February 2019.  Enjoy. An Address Book Full of Memories I keep my old address book in a wooden bureau beneath the dining room window. The book is almost 20 years old, time worn, and held together with (everyone’s favorite) duct tape. I almost asked... Read more »


PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST It’s the 2-year anniversary of PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST.  Please enjoy the original, deep-dish version of the classic post that led the way… The other day I had an reflective thought: the mark of a good pizza is in how well it holds up for breakfast. Many of us realize this when a... Read more »

Why Chicago? Why Now?

Take a look at a rerun from last Summer 2017.  In the wake of another weekend of heavy violence in our city, it’s important to reflect on what’s still out there. I took another ChicagoNow Blogapalooza challenge and selected the topic: Write About Your Tomorrow. Many of us may initially think it’s just another typical... Read more »