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'Cause I Said So … More Snobby Mommy Musings

My daughter calls me Snobby Mommy. There are times I can’t blame her.  I seem to let my perfectionist ways dominate my thinking. And that ain’t right.  Because nobody is perfect. Not even Snobby Mommy. There was the time I was reluctant to shop at Aldi.  Boy, did I do a 180 perspective change. In... Read more »

Cheating on My Noom Diet

This post continues my TWO PARAGRAPH CHALLENGE series.  See here for the first challenge. And he thought I couldn’t do it. Ha! I say. (Disclaimer:  this prelude doesn’t count toward the two paragraphs.  ‘Cause I said so.) CHEATING ON MY NOOM DIET I opened the fridge that Monday evening.  It was a very long day,... Read more »

I've Been Censored

The below post is another in my TWO PARAGRAPH CHALLENGE SERIES.  Why two paragraphs?  My husband arbitrarily chose the number 2 and asked if I could write a post in only two paragraphs.  And I love a challenge, so here goes… CENSORED!  Ain’t it great to get censored? Because that’s where it’s going with me... Read more »

Oops - I Did It Again

Hi Everyone, and thank you for subscribing.  There have been issues of my latest post ending up in JUNK folders due “certain words” within.  If you are missing today’s post, here’s a link to today’s writing.  It’s safe — I promise! Also, check out my latest win from ChicagoNow’s Best Posts of August 2019.  Check out the... Read more »