I've Been Censored

The below post is another in my TWO PARAGRAPH CHALLENGE SERIES.  Why two paragraphs?  My husband arbitrarily chose the number 2 and asked if I could write a post in only two paragraphs.  And I love a challenge, so here goes…



Ain’t it great to get censored? Because that’s where it’s going with me lately.  And it feels so good.  Like I’m finally a REAL writer.  In fact, I’m going to have a t-shirt made up with the words “CENSORED.”  And I’ll proudly wear it.  ‘Cause those of us who shake things up get things done.

It seems as though I’ve posted a couple controversial subjects at my workplace, and management wasn’t exactly thrilled with it.  One piece reminded everyone to get out and vote in the presidential election.  It wasn’t pro-Trump, pro-Hillary, or pro-Mickey Mouse.  It simply said:  “VOTE, because others have bravely fought for that right.”  I was politely informed that my posting had “political undertones” and to avoid any future ones.  My response to that?  “Noted.”  More recently, I took it upon myself to tape a picture of NORMA RAE on our community bulletin board; underneath I wrote the words:  WORKERS UNITE.  Nothin’ wrong with that, right?  Then, BAM! — the photo was removed and replaced with humdrum job postings.  It seems as though Management erased my post, clean away, while leaving other messages and doodling alone.  I call Censorship!!

That really burned me up.  I’m going to be sick.  Oops, that’s 3 paragraphs — so censor me.


Thank you for reading – PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST




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