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The Two Paragraph Challenge

  My husband challenged me to write a blog in two paragraphs or less. Has he gone mad? Or perhaps he finds my posts too long for his liking? ‘Cause I love to talk.  Which leads to… more writing. Can I do it?  Let’s try. ‘Cause I love proving a point. Disclaimer:  This prelude doesn’t... Read more »

I'm Not 36

This post was chosen as one of ChicagoNow’s 20 Best Posts of August 2019. Enjoy and check out other ChicagoNow bloggers — ’cause I said so! “I wanna rock-n-roll all night. And party every day.” Kiss was playing on my headphones while I was pedaling the Peloton bike earlier this morning. I can’t lie:  that... Read more »

Jorje The Space Monkey

My Super, Amazing Travels in Southern Cali Hi. Space Monkey Jorge here, checking in to give you the updates on my recent excursions in and around Orange County and Southern California. HOME BASE This is my first home — the California Science Center.  It’s where I started out when my new adoptive family carefully chose me... Read more »