To Like or Not to Like… That is the Question

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To Like or Not to Like… That is the Question

Is it ironic that I dislike hearing the word “Like” over and over again?

I’m not referring to liking Facebook posts.  Nothing wrong with those.

I have lots of likes, including:

  • Black Coffee
  • Pizza for breakfast (ahem)
  • Cool Autumn days

But when certain individuals insert the word “Like” into every single sentence of their conversations, it tends to get VERY ANNOYING.

My cousin recently e-mailed me with the following:

 Blog idea:  How about writing about the word “like” and how it has become part of every single sentence – – multiple times!!!  Drives me nuts!

I agreed with her statement, but tucked the idea away for another day.  But literally several minutes later, as I headed down Clark Street on my lunch hour, I overheard the following:

 And I’m like, okay, maybe I can go there. But, like, my brother’s having a birthday party, like, that same day, so I’m, like, uncertain. But I told him, like, we can go for a little bit, like just to make a quick appearance.

I stopped counting after the 11th Like.   No lie.

And don’t even get me started about the rising inflection in her voice, wherein each statement sounded like a question rather than a declarative. (Another blog topic on this perhaps?)


Is there a way we can shut down its predominance in conversations?  Do you readers find Like distracting and downright lazy when you hear it used over and over again?


Undeniably, Like is a respected word in the English language.  My desk copy of Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary states:

 9 like –” used chiefly in informal speech as a meaningless expletive or intensifier or

to lessen the emphasis of a preceding or following word or phrase”

This can only mean one thing.

We’re screwed.

Thank you for reading – H. VAN HOWE, PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST

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