Queer Eye Makes Me Cry

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Queer Eye Makes Me Cry


Queer Eye makes me cry.  I’m lovin’ the revamped series of Queer Eye, available on Netflix.  The TV series is an updated account of the original Bravo program which debuted in 2003.  Both original and new accounts are on my list of favs.

Like the former, this new run focuses on wardrobe fixes along with hair and image revamping.  But today’s Queer Eye takes it further by reminding others – and, in the process, even themselves – about accepting others, different viewpoints, alternative lifestyles, etc.

The Fab 5, as they are affectionately named, consists of Bobby – design expert; Jonathan – grooming; Tan – wardrobe guru; Antoni – culinary delights; and Karamo – focusing on self-awareness and culture.

Each episode starts with fun plans and high expectations, while the Fab 5 provide contagious excitement. When they are initially presented with their make-over challenge, the viewer (myself) initially remains skeptical.
Yet each and every time Queer Eye comes through and transforms the individual to his or her best self.  What’s more, the cast gives a life lesson in compassion and understanding.


Episode 1 – Season 2

For example, the Fab 5 visited Gay, Georgia to work Tammye, who needed some assistance designing her church community center.  In the process, the team encouraged the host family and community to accept each church member, regardless of lifestyle.

An inspiring program to be sure.  But what brought me to tears was the passion of the QE squad, their friendships with one another and the visions they bring to those who needed an ego boost.  Tammye’s entire family was positively affected, including her son and church members, leading her to remark:

“That’s what it’s about … building relationships.”

I cried real tears (happy ones) as Tammye turned it completely around and bestowed the team with her own regards.  Like the Wizard of Oz acknowledging the scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion for their smarts, compassion and bravery, this generous woman reminded each cast member of his own valuable gifts.  Indeed, everyone involved takes away valuable lessons.



Not to get sentimental here, but…

These episodes are so downright touching, that I re-watched this particular episode to determine if, perhaps, I was being overemotional that first day.  But tears started flowing once again as I watched for a second time.  The positive thoughts were still there – affecting all those involved.

I Need You, Queer Eye!

I’m wondering when the QE team visit Chicago and give me a needed boost.  I could use their expertise when organizing my closet, providing me with cooking savvy, updating my look and allowing me to embrace my finer qualities.

In the meantime, I’ll have fun watching, since the episodes are a boost each and every time they air.

I have one thing to say to Queer Eye:


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