And, Just Like That, Cher Was Gone


Where did the Cher Show go to so quickly?

Hearing good reviews about the colorful and exciting Cher Show showing at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre, I had hopes of procuring tickets for my daughter and myself.  I wanted to treat her to the glitzy world of Cher.

She’s the performer who – in my book – was the first Lady Gaga.  Cher broke rules.  She was a straight shooter who did things her own way and succeeded.  Her avant garde behavior drew us in and fascinated us.

Unfortunately, an on-line search for tickets came up with the following headline:

“Sunday’s Cher Show in Chicago is Cancelled”

Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune broke the news that the Cher Show’s final performance had to be shut down due to technical issues.

My loss.

I wanted to go back in time to the early and mid-1970s to experience some of the performer’s uplifting music.  I wanted to attend the performance and wear something flashy and eye-grabbing.  I missed that opportunity when we attended a Cyndi Lauper concert in 2010.  Why then didn’t I wear some bright pink eyeshadow and lipstick along with my leather boots with metal studs?  Cyndi’s concert was one of the best, but I missed out on joining in with the rest of the crowd who dressed for the occasion, including two 6-foot drag queens with blonde wigs that added even more inches to their statuesque, impressive frames.

So it’s a loss that I missed the Broadway Cher Show.  Cher certainly caught my attention in the Sonny and Cher show.  She was tall with glistening dark hair and a voice that knocked you over.


After separating from Sonny and striking out on her own, Cher showed us that a woman could hold her own and do better than before.  Her songs about life made an impression that we were all dealing with our own challenges:

We weren’t accepted and I felt ashamed
Nineteen I left them, tell me who’s to blame
My life since then has been from man to man
But I can’t run away from what I am

Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard
Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word
Half-breed, she’s no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day I was born

Cher Made You Feel Alive

Back in 6th grade, my friend owned all the Cher albums — impressive when my collection consisted of The Partridge Family and an old Snow White and Rose Red record.  We’d play her songs  on our baby-blue record player and dance wildly in my bedroom with the white shag carpeting and shiny vinyl flowered wallpaper.

At 12 years old, we felt so grown up.


A Powerful Force

Cher was strong.  She did what she wanted.  I recall when she once replied to an interview’s questions:

“I don’t lie. I don’t lie in my answers. But if you ask me something that’s none of your business, I’ll  just tell you so.”

And Cher held her own through the years, reinventing herself, wearing the clothes she wanted and standing up for others’ rights, even when the social norm was against her.

So I’m sorry I missed the show.  It was my last chance to see something that sort of resembled the real performer.

Time to search for tickets to see the real McCoy.  I’m sure there’s another “final tour” out there somewhere.  Maybe Vegas — I haven’t visited that city yet.  And Cher will be beautiful, with a new hair style and color, attitude and strong voice that’ll knock your socks off.


Stay strong, Cher.

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