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Summer Memories in Chicago

*** This post was selected as one of ChicagoNow’s 20 Best Posts June 2018… *** WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER MEMORY FROM YOUR SCHOOL YEARS? The question above was presented to us ChicagoNow bloggers at 8:00 p.m. this evening.  It was our monthly Blogapalooz-Hour, wherein we authors have one hour to comprise an answer and... Read more »

I Want to Work on the 34th Floor

I want to work on the 34th floor I want to work on the 34th floor.  The 34th floor of my building houses the stunning prototype for CBRE real estate offices.  It offers breathtaking views of the Chicago river, stunning skyscrapers including the Tribune Tower, and has at least 2 stories of windows looking east... Read more »

Family Doesn't Let Family Move to The Villages

Family doesn’t let family move to The Villages.  That’s my statement and I’m stickin’ to it.  There may be some backlash over this post, but I’m ready for it. Because moving to The Villages in central Florida is where I draw the line.  Years back my mom, Dorothy, phoned to tell me she heard great things about... Read more »