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The Kindness of Strangers

A Caring Stranger We had an inspiring presentation at the office last week. Doug Harris of The Kaleidoscope Group was full of encouraging messages and conveyed to us the spirit of leadership that is found within all of us.  Mr. Harris counseled us on emulating the power of others, even if that influence is found... Read more »

This Week's Forecast: Gloom and Doom

Sleep can fool one into dreaming that everything is back to normal.  Everyone is fine and no one gets hurt. Then morning arrives and you realize it was just a dream.  Reality is still here. Fittingly, today’s weather matches the current mood.  Dark and foggy.  Damp and dreary. The local newscasts gives more specifics on... Read more »

The Joys of Pizza

My blog is partially premised on a well-known fact: the mark of a decent pizza is based on how well it holds up for breakfast the next day. It’s a profound statement, I know… Friends sent me a link recently, cementing my theory:  Pizza is a healthier breakfast than most cereals. The article notes a... Read more »

How We Survived The Blizzard of '79

Enjoy a rerun from January 2017 … just in time for Chicago’s next snowfall. Aunt Grace and Her Undying Devotion to the Chicago Transit Authority –  How We Survived The Blizzard of ’79 My Aunt Grace lived in the City of Chicago her entire life.  She loved the cosmopolitan atmosphere where she could enjoy different... Read more »

Super Bowl XX - Thanks For The Memories

Last night our manager posed another Blogapalooz-Hour topic:  Unfortunately, I was already tucked in my bed on a cold winter’s night when I reached out for my phone to check messages. There it was.. the January, 2018 topic:  “Write about your favorite Super Bowl memory.” And I ignored it. Sleep beckoned.  Plus, I had microwaved... Read more »