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In Defense Of Books And Newspapers

Curl up with a good book. Get lost in a bookstore.  These are classic clichés we hear often. But as traditional expressions, they still ring true. Some of us are old school and still prefer holding a newspaper in hand as they read the daily news. And there are many who prefer a bound book... Read more »

Winter is NOT Fun - There... I Said It

I was going to write a nice piece about books and newspapers and their importance.  And I still will.  But today’s post is a rant.  A rant about CHICAGO WINTER. Winter is NOT Fun Because I think we all lie about it.  Each year we come up with the same excuses: It’s no big deal. I can... Read more »

100th Street - That Great Street

We had another thought-provoking question posed to us by our editorial manager via AskChicago Now Question Of The Day: What’s the best street in Chicago? Several streets immediately come to mind for me.  Like many others, I’ll always consider the street where I grew up to be one of the best.  It’s the things that are... Read more »

This Is What Makes Chicago the Best City in the World

Our ChicagoNow manager is posting daily questions for us bloggers to respond to? Last week’s question was: “What makes Chicago the best city in the world?” You can find that question and all our responses here. I quickly answered: Chicago is the best because the fella at the Broadway box office is the same guy... Read more »

The Ghost in Our House

Who’s That Walking Past Our Door? It’s something we hear or sense from time to time.  Call it a sixth sense of experiencing something – or someone –present in our house. Last night my husband heard it again… noises of someone walking around the kitchen.   Alarmed, he woke me, asking “Did you hear that noise... Read more »