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Remembering The Breakfast Club

Halloween was approaching and my daughter was contemplating dressing up as Molly Ringwald’s character in the hit movie The Breakfast Club.  Naturally, I was excited, since it’s an all-time favorite movie of mine. Immediately I started coaching my daughter on what to wear.  She listened patiently (for a while).  Fans of the movie may nod when... Read more »

Do You Know How To Use A Typewriter?

A young associate at my office approached me the other day and asked… “Heidi, do you know how to use a typewriter?” My gut reaction was to roar with laughter.  But instead I replied with a simple “Yes, how may I help you?” Immediately images ran through my head of us students taking Typing at Morgan... Read more »

Snobby Mommy Visits a Junkyard

“Do I look like the kind of woman who wants to go to a junkyard??” Those were the snobbish words I used to reply to the Jiffy Lube technician when he suggested I scour a junkyard in order to find a replacement housing for my Chevy’s taillight.  The light bulb had burnt and melted away into... Read more »

For the Sake of Everything

Today I’m swapping out my regular post for one from 2016.  Because I left the newspaper at home this morning and instead brought a book to read on the commute.  On a day like today, the news is too difficult take.  And since I have no profound words that will make our world better or... Read more »