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Ending An Obsession

September 27 ChicagoNow Blogapalooz-Hour Challenge: Write about something in your life you once obsessed about but now rarely, if ever, think about This challenge, above, was presented to us bloggers tonight by our ChicagoNow manager. We have one hour to write anything in regards to the posted topic. Here goes… Obsession. I thought about it... Read more »

Winner for August - Best Post!

Each month ChicagoNow holds a contest among bloggers for the best posts of that month.  I am thrilled to report another Pizza For Breakfast post – WHY IS EVERYTHING SO PERFECT – was chosen as one of August’s best.  There are 20 well-written articles here.  Please check them out. And thank you for supporting ChicagoNow... Read more »

In Addition to Tornadoes, Dorothy Tackles Hurricanes

Leave it to my mom, Dorothy.  There are so many places on Earth that can use her help right now.  When disaster hits, she immediately takes charge.  Dorothy considers a situation, makes appropriate plans, and leads the way to victory for everyone. Refusing to evacuate her Ft. Myers, Florida home during Hurricane Irma, my mom... Read more »

The Time Dad Came Home With a Fire Engine

We didn’t entirely believe our dad when he told us he was purchasing an old fire truck.  Although he had a fondness for antique cars and motorcycles, my brother and I weren’t sure whether to believe he had gone off to add a 1939 Mack fire engine to his revolving collection. [check him out in the... Read more »

Our Kegger Was the Inspiration for "Risky Business"

You may think this is a bold statement I’m making here, but I assure you it’s not.  Back in spring of 1982 we threw a LARGE party, complete with kids from four area high schools, a keg with a tap that got stolen, Chicago cops and lots of days-after cleaning.  Not to mention the elaborate... Read more »