Why Is Everything So Perfect?

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Why Is Everything So Perfect?

How much longer is “Perfect” going to remain the favorite buzzword?

Because I hear it everywhere… even in settings where it may not be entirely appropriate.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  Is everything really that darned perfect?

That word is a lot to live up to.  The Webster’s Dictionary I keep on my desk defines “Perfect” as: 1.a: being entirely without fault or defect:  flawless.

I can’t take the pressure!

For example, we were in a training session at work, learning the new electronic filing procedures for the IL state court filing system.

I theorized our speaker was possibly a former military commander.  She was a no-nonsense woman, dressed in business-like clothing, along with a Type A personality type that I covet.  Her crisp, staccato voice certainly had me at attention.  And I didn’t want to cross her.

Presenter: Any questions?  No?  PERFECT.  Next slide please.

By this time I was afraid to ask any questions for risk of making things less than … well, Perfect . I even abstained from the snacks they offered, for fear of making munching noises.

[more than] Slightly Imperfect

Everyone knows I’m less than Perfect. Such as when I feed food from my plate to the dog, even though the host asks me not to do so. I also eat from utensils that drop onto the ground – without pausing to clean them.  Yummy.


The Buzzword Is Everywhere

I even hear this response when I run my errands or make simple phone calls, such as when making an appointment to see my dentist:

Receptionist: Your last name please.

Me: V as in Victor – a – n. H – o w –e.

Receptionist: Perfect.

Whew! I’ve been practicing that one for decades.

Receptionist: And what is your main concern?

Me: I have a tooth that’s killing me. Gosh, I hope I don’t have to get a root canal.

Receptionist: [typing] Perfect.

Clearly, she’s missing the irony here.

Receptionist:  The dentist has a full schedule.  The earliest time we can get you in is Tuesday, January 2, 2018, at 7:30 in the morning.  Does that work?


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And have a super, imperfect day.

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