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Write About Your Tomorrow... Because It Matters

I took another ChicagoNow Blogapalooza challenge and selected the topic: Write About Your Tomorrow. Many of us may initially think it’s just another typical day: work, school, run errands, etc. But each of us does have something going on tomorrow.  It might be something that we’re looking forward to, or perhaps some decision-making needs to... Read more »

How My Mother-In-Law Survived The Blitz

Margaret’s Story Over 75 years ago, a young girl named Margaret lived in the city of Norwich, England, approximately 100 miles northeast of London. Since she was only 4 years old when the Blitz began in England, Margaret doesn’t have many pre-war memories.  Bombings were a common occurrence to her, and it barely seemed out... Read more »

Total Eclipse of the TV

The call came in at 7:04 this morning. It was so quiet in our house, we could hear the early morning birds chirping and the sound of traffic off in the distance. It was the Abt Service Department calling to confirm our appointment today between the hours of Noon and 2:00 p.m.  Our 3-month old television... Read more »

Pizza For Breakfast

In honor of PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST's One Year Anniversary...

we bring you the original, deep-dish post.

[caption id="attachment_479" align="alignleft" width="169"]My original notes on the back of a receipt My original notes on the back of a receipt[/caption]

Enjoy and SHARE.  And go get yourself some delicious Chicago pizza.

The other day I had an reflective thought:  the mark of a good pizza is in how well it holds up for breakfast.  Many of us realize this when a Friday night dinner of appetizing pizza tastes even more terrific the next morning, when one is especially tired of cereal or English muffins from the weekday rush.  Thin, thick or deep dish pizza – it’s hard to choose a favorite. It was our dad who first introduced my siblings and me to authentic Chicago deep dish pizza.  We bundled up one December evening two days after Christmas to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  Dad promised us a delicious treat as he drove around the blocks – passing Medinah Temple at least two times – before finding a free parking spot.  In those days paying for parking was unheard of, at least in my father’s mind.


We quickly walked in the cold winter air to Pizzeria Uno, only to find out we had a 45 minute wait for a table.  That was okay – we pre-ordered and stood in the hallway, shivering with other hungry patrons and thinking about what was ahead.  Finally the hostess called our name and we were seated at a tiny rectangular table, knocking chairs with other diners. Our parents ordered beer on tap while we kids were treated to a pitcher of pop (for good behavior).  Never mind that we argued over root beer or cola for several minutes, we still had time to kill before the food arrived. Finally it was our turn for dinner.  The pizza was piping hot as the waitress cut and served the slices out of a dark-colored, deep pan.  The cheese stretched from the spatula to our plate and we knew this was a meal that required a real knife and fork and serious concentration.

Holy Cow!

Delicious!  Chicago winter be damned!  We got deep dish pizza, baby, and this stuff is great!  Our dad did us all a favor by bringing us here, and we looked at him with renewed awe and respect.  This one was something to be cherished the next day when we told our friends about the best pizza ever, and it was right downtown.  Our dad was pretty cool after all. pizza Years later this eatery is still our family tradition.  I am fortunate to live near some of the best pizzerias in the Midwest.  When my brother travels to visit from the west coast, he takes the CTA blue line directly from O’Hare airport to the restaurant.  We meet inside, order our own beers on tap and look forward to a long, worthwhile wait while we reconnect.  Whether we love the memories or the food more, it doesn’t matter.  Because all is well. [Author’s note: makes an excellent breakfast the next day.]

Go.  Eat pizza with your loved ones.  And be sure to order extra for breakfast the following  day.


Why Is Everything So Perfect?

This Post is a winner of Chicagnow’s 20 Best Posts of August 2017. Why Is Everything So Perfect? How much longer is “Perfect” going to remain the favorite buzzword? Because I hear it everywhere… even in settings where it may not be entirely appropriate.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  Is everything really that darned perfect? That word... Read more »

I'm Putting in For A Name Change

“I’m going to change my name!” Those are the words we used to hear from our mother when we were growing up.  Every day she heard us holler: “Mom. Mom? Mommmmm!!” She got really tired of hearing us shout out “Mom!”  All – day – long.  I’m sure the three of us kids could be a real... Read more »

The American Road Trip: Brought to you by Awesome People

Food Series 2017

A recent post outlines a weekend we spent driving to Iowa to see the sights. A road trip can always be measured by the delicious food one finds along the way. But besides that, it’s usually the folks that serve it up that make it more meaningful.

Neighborly Gestures

Comfort food goes a long way in making a tiring trip a bit easier, especially when you’re driving a 17-year-old vehicle patched with duct tape.  I was anxious as my daughter drove her tin lizzie on a road trip to the east coast and spent one night at a campsite near Hershey, Pennsylvania. [caption id="attachment_408" align="aligncenter" width="199"][/caption] Luckily, all went well and she ran into friendly people along the way.  Seeing that she was alone on her journey, the camp managers invited her in for coffee and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.  She spent an evening enjoying dessert and getting to know more about different regions. Their thoughtfulness made her feel welcome and let me worry less about her traveling alone.  A little kindness goes far.

Lost in the Wilderness

She and I experienced the same kind of greeting last summer when we drove her rickety car back from college in Rhode Island. In the interest of sight-seeing, we took a detour from the interstate and took back roads through beautiful upstate New York. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan so well since it was dusk and we were low on phone charges (not that you can count on good reception amidst the mountains).  Our road map only indicated major highways, so that was no use. Okay, we were a bit scared. Finally we admitted to ourselves that we were going nowhere fast and we needed to depend on good old-fashioned directions from a local citizen.  We found a tavern with its neon lights shining through the darkness.  Feigning confidence, we strolled in and walked a bit faster past the strong stares of the eager gentlemen at the bar.
 “We’re just adding to the gene pool,” my daughter murmured as we searched for another female.
I read a while back that when you’re in trouble, ask to speak to the lady of the house.  We found her in the back serving dinner. She told the fellas to back off and quickly gave us simple directions to our hotel. What a sweetheart. In return, we stayed for a bit to charge our phones, indulge in grilled cheese sandwiches and root beer, and leave a generous tip.  More kindness – very much appreciated. [caption id="attachment_407" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Say Cheese! - Say Cheese! -[/caption] The American road trip.  Go for the food – stay for the people...