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The Million Dollar Breakfast

This post is a winner of ChicagNow’s Best Posts of June 2017 This is a story I’ve been disinclined to write and share since it seems to be airing personal laundry.  But I’m boosted by the support of the ChicagoNow manager and its writers to continue writing on a regular basis. An unerring post by... Read more »

How Aunt Grace Suddenly Joined “Food Series 2017”

Earlier this year I wrote about my Aunt Grace and her commitment to Chicago and its great transit system, the CTA.  What I didn’t provide was a little background on Aunt Grace and why she has (retrospectively) become such a good fit for this blog’s Food Series 2017. We had an aunt who was not... Read more »

Swapping Recipes With a 19-Year-Old - Food Series 2017

I was working late shift the other night at my law firm and knocked on the office door of a young associate who needed assistance.  As I started asking him for documents, the words in my mouth started coming out in slow motion.  I realized this attorney – Andrew – was the same young college... Read more »