Bastien's Steakhouse - Where Celebrities + Great Steak Meet

I was self-inspired to write some posts about food — probably since I’m always thinking about it.  Here’s the first in my Food Series 2017.  Enjoy

On a recent trip to Denver my cousin Becky treated us to a wonderful dinner at a local favorite – Bastien’s Restaurant. This local treasure makes steaks and lots of ‘em. They’re served with the standard soup or salad along with potato of your choice. The wine list is admirable and the martini list is extensive.bastiens

The family who owns Bastien’s is very proud of its historical status in Denver, including being one of the few buildings with a freestanding sign in front. Who knew?

Their specialty is the sugar steak, which includes a secret recipe including sugar, salt and spice rubbed into the aged meats. It’s truly delicious.

Our server was a proud member of the restaurant family. She was no-nonsense and focused on taking our orders and ensuring we had a great meal. Since the steakhouse opened in 1958, my husband wondered if any celebrities had dined at Bastien’s.  He jokingly asked if any of the Rat Pack members showed up. Our waitress gave a deadpan reply, “The ugly one… Peter Lawford.”

And I always thought of him as one of the better-looking ones.

Speaking of celebrities, she was working years ago when Truman Capote showed up one night in a limousine.  He and his chauffeur walked into the bar where Capote ordered a gin and tonic and instructed the bartender to give his driver whatever he wanted.  She still remembers the limo driver was subdued and only ordered a water.

Capote didn’t appear very happy that night. After a short while in the bar, he took a few sips of his drink and angrily spat out “I don’t see one pretty titty; let’s get the hell outta here!”capote

With that he marched back out to his sedan where he glumly sat waiting for his driver.  The morose mood must have stemmed from his destination… since he was literally headed toward rehab near Salt Lake City.

For the record, our waitress was not impressed and she immediately went back to serving other appreciative patrons.

That was unfortunate for Mr. Capote since Bastien’s serves a great meal with generous service. The ambience is just right –dark walls, twinkling lights strung overhead — a décor reminiscent of times past. And, as said, delicious food.  The secret spices are divine and they know how to pour a drink.

Denver knows its steak and Bastien’s measures up.

Are you hungry yet?steak

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