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Chicago is Still Smiling and So Am I

There are many news headlines that cause us to stop and think. They are all important issues that demand attention. For instance, the newspapers warn about possible nuclear threat from North Korea. Today’s Chicago Tribune detailed the story of a missing toddler girl found dead in her family home.  The article stated she was eventually... Read more »

The Time Deep Purple Slammed the Door in Our Faces

A guessing game is currently going around on Facebook; it goes something like this: I’ll name 10 bands/solo artists. I’ve seen 9. Guess the one haven’t I seen. I won’t bore you with the details here; I’m sure most everyone has seen it by now. It’s fun. It encourages memories of nights out with friends,... Read more »


What parent doesn’t start to immediately worry when his or her only child is looking into jobs that require spending days and nights in the rugged wilderness?  Lately I have increased empathy for my friends, whose daughter left on a two-year Peace Corps mission, leaving them happy for her undertaking but still anxious for her... Read more »

Riverview Amusement Park

I am posting a wonderful piece written by fellow writer CJ Martello.  Mr. Martello has written for Fra Noi and is the author of Petals From Roseland. Enjoy. RIVERVIEW – Written by CJ Martello When I was eleven years old, my family took the CTA bus all the way to Riverview Amusement Park at Belmont... Read more »

Cubbie Celebrations Cause Concern for Former CIA Analyst

Photo:  espn
When Cubs fans celebrated outside her home during last Fall’s playoff season, Rebecca experienced a rush of memories created from her time working as a CIA analyst in the Middle East. She was on edge more than a couple times when, out of nowhere, loud bursts of firecrackers exploded outside her Chicago home. The cacophony... Read more »

Top 10 Missing Items

Our ChicagoNow editor always encourages us to write consistently in order to improve our writing.  His latest suggestion was about making lists.  We all make lists. Some are written down or just kept in our head for quick reference.  To be a good participant, I made a list of the endless missing items in and... Read more »

The Beatles – Bringing Love to Elvis Fans Everywhere

Several weeks ago I was rather reluctant to attend a live concert by American English – a successful Beatles cover band who got their start in the 1980’s.  Generally I enjoy Beatles songs, but I gravitate more toward Elvis Presley and his breakout tunes.  As actress Uma Thurman observed in the movie Pulp Fiction, we... Read more »