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Celebrity For a Day

My daughter has an interesting job working for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County as a special events seasonal aide. On a recent Sunday afternoon she invited my husband and me to join her at the Maple Syrup Festival at the River Trail Nature Center in Northbrook. It’s a day full of maple syrup... Read more »


I read today that the President has suggested making budget cuts to the arts and humanities government funding – namely the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As Howard Reich pointedly indicated in this week’s Chicago Tribune article, cutting arts funding will be a huge... Read more »

Snobby Mommy Shops at Aldi

A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled Why Cuba? Why Now? I found it to be an interesting story which highlighted my brother’s recent trip to Havana, Cuba. He answered the questions about why he chose Cuba as a travel destination. All in all, I liked his story and I enjoyed writing about... Read more »

You Can Go Home Again – Even If Only For A Couple Hours

Last week I was feeling bummed since I didn’t receive a promotion I had applied for back in January. Three interviews and one aptitude test later, the hours I’d spent researching, rehearsing and preparing for a transitional role were for naught. I was feeling down about the whole event. But on Saturday I was reminded... Read more »