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For the Sake of Everything

The 2016 Presidential Election brought about a lot of angst, which continued to grow after the final votes and decision. I wanted to find a way in which to curtail my own anxious thoughts and perhaps bring the commotion down (at least within my own tiny environment) to a more manageable point. When searching for... Read more »

2005 White Sox Revisited: An Out-of-Towner’s Take on Chicago Baseball

Here’s a story from my generous friend W. Patrick Manus. Enjoy. By: W. Patrick Manus In 2005 I was busy visiting many of my clients in the Chicago area. I live in Long Beach, California. Like many business people I try and visit Chicago in the late Spring to take advantage of your best season.... Read more »

A Clearly Capable City

Recently I met a stranger who told me he had lived in many cities, including Chicago, Buffalo, Los Angeles and even overseas. When I asked him what keeps bringing him back to Chicago, he simply said it was “the most capable of small towns.”  He explained that compared to New York City and Los Angeles,... Read more »