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Adding to the Wow! Factor

When I was young I envied my family’s artistic abilities. Both my siblings are artists, and my mother has her own creative abilities. She was especially skilled at sewing and made a number of clothes for us throughout our early school years, as well as curtains and other items for the home. One afternoon she... Read more »

Keep on Truckin’

I miss my truck. I once heard that women can be just as nostalgic about their vehicles as men. This is true. I owned a 1980 Ford F-150. Its color was grey – not Silver, Pewter or Raincloud. It had a bench seat and just enough room for my six-year-old daughter and myself. To be... Read more »

Not Bad For High School

I met a group of friends for lunch earlier this summer. At one time we had all worked together as support staff for a large Chicago law firm. Three had retired and I can say they all looked wonderful; it seemed as though they looked younger now that the daily stress of working was no... Read more »

Don't Rock The Boat

Like many, I was raised by a no-nonsense dad. Dad worked hard and played hard and he expected the same from everyone else. As a foreman at R.R. Donnelley, once the largest printing press company in the Midwest, he worked long hours, sometimes in 100+ degree heat. There, directions were straightforward and the employees relied... Read more »