Hang-ups and Hold-offs: Making a Game

I haven’t been the best about updating recently. That’s on me, through and through dear readers. What has been the plight of my absence, you may ask? I’ve recently been hired to work on the art / animation for an independent title (yet to be released) and like many devs will tell you, it is... Read more »

League of Legends World Championship at the Chicago Theatre

  This past weekend, the League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals came to the Chicago Theatre. After the previous matches in L.A. and San Francisco, the Quarterfinals took the stage in an epic showdown ending with the first European team in years, H2K, to get into the Semifinals. Alongside three Korean veterans ROX, SSG, and STK, H2K... Read more »

RMU's HSEI 2016: Competitive Gaming and High School

RMU’s HSEI 2016 happened last Saturday with eight Chicago high school teams competing for a split prize pool of one thousand dollars. RMU decided to host the event as a way to give these schools a platform to compete on; concurrently high school esports teams are in freefall when it comes to competitve matchmaking, as... Read more »

RMU's High School Esports Invitational 2016

For some, summer in Chicago means enjoying the vibrant Lake Michigan, attending music festivals, and experiencing all the outdoors has to offer in our humid city. But for a particular group of dedicated high schoolers, it means the start of rigorous practice hours and intense teamwork. It means competition, and potentially, victory. Next week, Robert... Read more »

5 Beautiful Moments Within Interactive Storytelling

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Every year there are copious amounts of thought provoking, synapse inducing, morsels of media produced in the gaming industry. Some range from a simple vignette style approach – to full on novels of brick-text. But both as the evolution of technology and conventional storytelling have shifted, so has the way we develop narrative in video... Read more »

The Cutting Edge Tech Behind Ninja Theory's New Game

Ninja Theory, the team behind Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, chose to take an unconventional approach when bringing their virtual world to life. What they have managed to set up is the ability to render in-game footage in high fidelity real-time performance capture. Unlike past games which would create scenes outside of the active game world itself.... Read more »

League of Legends World Championship Headed for Chicago

When I used to hear the term “eSports” I would chuckle. The concept of someone playing video games professionally while viable, was always vexing to me. Even as a gamer, I never liked the idea of watching someone else play. But it wasn’t until I started attending these sort of events myself that I truly... Read more »

The Indie City Gaming Community

“Ignore everything, basically.” Game Designer Itay Keren said to a crowd of laughter as he demonstrated the prototype of his game Mushroom 11. It launched back in October of 2015 on Steam to rave reviews from the likes of IGN and Metacritic. This is only one of the prolific game designers they feature every month. However the... Read more »