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Frühshoppen - Brunch and Bier, German Style!

Frühshoppen - Brunch and Bier, German Style!
Chicago’s German-American influence enjoys a long and rich history. As we near September, an influx of Oktoberfest celebrations will arise — and Oktoberfest brews, I might add. And, with that, a plethora of sausages, pretzels, and beer will be consumed as oom-pa-pa music plays in the background.  Not that sausages and beer aren’t common year-round... Read more »

Crafting Beer and Community

Crafting Beer and Community
Craft brewery websites rarely miss a chance to mention the words “community” or “local.” What exactly is meant by that? What does it mean to be local? Here is just a small sample from the websites of local breweries of what it means to be part of a community: Supporting local farms and committing to conservation (refraining... Read more »

Tap Takeover: Penrose Brewing and Beer Shop in Oak Park

Tap Takeover. Just hearing that makes a craft beer nerd drool like a dog at a pig ear factory. Of course, back in the 19th and early 20th century, those two words likely involved a large brewery running the little brewer out of town. But, in the craft-brew world, the term, “tap takeover” is a... Read more »

Chicago Brew Werks & Werk Force Brewing

A passion for home brewing lies within the heart of most craft brewers. I make it a habit to read the “About us” or “Our story,” sections of breweries’ websites. Quite often, I find a story of brew masters whose brewing story began with a small kettle located in their basement or garage, followed by... Read more »

Native Americans in Beer Advertising - a Look at Beer History

From time to time, I like to throw a little history your way.  Most of what you read regarding the history  of beer culture is about as valuable as your Uncle Charlie espousing his theory on how to fix the national debt, handle ISIS, or turn the Bears into a dynasty. Roll your eyes and... Read more »