The Fizzics System: Making Every Beer a Draft Beer

The Fizzics System: Making Every Beer a Draft Beer
Photo Credit: Mathew Powers

Are you looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift? Maybe you’re looking to buy something he doesn’t need, but would really want. Maybe he has everything. Maybe he’s impossible to buy for. Well, you might consider the gift of “beer on tap,” anytime he wants it!

A new invention in beer enjoyment has arrived. The Fizzics System allows beer enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy beer on tap anytime.  The Fizzics System could not be more simple to use. All one needs to do is put in a four “AA” batteries, place one’s favorite beer in the canister — up to 64 oz (a growler’s worth), and then serve. That’s it! The beer pours perfectly each time. In fact, the beer is transformed into something creamy and even more delicious than one can imagine.

For my first installment, I decided to go with Miskatonic Brewing Chapter 4 American IPA, a wonderfully complex beer described as “The latest IPA in our series of experiments [that]  has a pilsner and 2-row malt bill with a touch of crystal wheat. A liberal infusion of Citra and Mandarina Bavaria give this ale notes of candied tangerine and passion fruit.” Besides Chapter 4 being an excellent beer, it possesses a nice dose of carbonation. As the Fizzics group explains, “The Fizzics™ Technology Platform dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer, to a level that surpassed our greatest expectations.” Miskatonic Brewing Chapter 4 is a great beer, and if the Fizzics System can make it even better, I couldn’t help but give it a try!

Here is how it pours! (Step 1 – pulling the tapper forward)

Now, to be completely honest, I forgot to do most important step, and enjoy the unique aspect of the Fizzics System — pulling the tapper backwards so that the system can infuse a nitro-smooth-type head into the beer. I eventually did, but I did not take the video of that. However, I  found one that is much better than what i showed. Here it is:

Kudos to that video from Beer Geek Nation for that review.

While I did not take another video, I did figure out my mistake and partook in enjoying the creamy head provided by doing the second portion of the pour. I admit, I first thought the device might be a silly gimmick. It is not. It’s REALLY good! Of course, it helps that Miskatonic Brewing gave me such a nice beer. Chapter 4 is absolutely outstanding.

The Fizzics System operates on batteries, as previously mentioned, so it’s portable — perfect for a picnic, party, or taking tailgating or camping. It also keeps the beer cold for well more than 24 hours. And the Fizzics System is incredibly easy to use and clean. Simply put the beer into the cannister and when you are done, remove the bottle and the canister, and then clean it with hot water (or soap, if you want, but I don’t think it needs it).

Fizzics System

Photo Credit: Mathew Powers


The Fizzics System is available at several retailers, or it can be purchased online. Stores such as Brookstone, Target, and Best Buy now carry the Fizzics System, usually around $169, which may seem expensive but it is cheap when compared to other home beer draft pouring systems.

More often than not, when a person inquires of the beer selection, the first question is, “What do you have on tap?”  With the Fizzics System, no matter what beer is in the house, it is only a few minutes away from being, “on tap.”

For another review of this product, see my editor at, who reviewed it recently, too.

Go buy this for Dad..or Mom..or yourself. It’s a cool way to enjoy beer at home.



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    Just an FYI, you're not supposed to pour the beer into the cannister. You' just place the can/bottle/growler in there and put the hose down in it. I tried this out last night and agree it's a pretty neat little system. Cheers!

  • In reply to Tim Dennis:

    Hi Tim,

    You are right. That's what I did. :) I wrote most of this before trying it - writer's trick, as I'm sure you know -- and then forgot to change it. I glossed over it as I was editing it. Oops! :)

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Mathew Powers:

    Ahh, gotcha! I've got caught by forgotten edits as well. :)

  • Another huge plus about the Fizzics sytem is that it makes gluten-free bottled beers (almost) taste like draft beer, one thing that GF beer drinkers really miss according to my husband. Bought a Fizzics for him this Christmas after reading about it, and, as sceptical as he was initially, it's been one of his most-used presents ever. Unlike those exercise weights sitting over there in the corner.

  • In reply to Caroline Eagles:

    Oh, that's a really good point! Thanks for sharing! (And, haha about the weights in the corner.:) :) )

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