My Friend Request to Doug Padilla - Beer Nerd and Baseball Writer

My Friend Request to Doug Padilla - Beer Nerd and Baseball Writer

Dear Doug Padilla,

We should be friends. Good friends. Best of friends. Beer drinking friends.

Let me explain.

My name is Mathew Powers. I’m a craft-beer writer for Chilled Magazine, and, obviously, this blog — my own blog dedicated to the Chicago craft beer scene. I’m a Chicagoan.  I listen to ESPN1000 with regularity — big fan. I’m a huge baseball fan. I’m a White Sox fan. On your Twitter page, your headline picture notes that “life is too short to drink beer.” I have a shirt with that same exact saying on it.

Now, before you think this is the creepiest thing you have ever heard. Let me explain that my monthly assignment this month with is to write a letter to a celebrity and ask them to be my best friend. So, I’m simply doing my job.

But, of all the celebrities, I picked you. (You drink beer and write about baseball — that’s the only type of celebrity I care about!)

By now, you are either honored or seeking a restraining order.

I noticed that the first thing you say about yourself on your twitter description involves the fact that you are a homebrewer. That is the true sign of one dedicated to beer. You could say that you are a baseball writer for the third largest market in the nation. But no, you are proud of your homebrewing prowessness. For that, I can’t help but respect you.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I used to chase tornadoes. In fact, I did that for fifteen years and that occupation, in part, is how I became a beer nerd.  See, chasing took me to Colorado and Colorado taught me about beer — O’Dell, New Belgium, Boulder Beer, and more. Then I came home and found Michigan beers and, eventually, Chicago brews arrived. And, of course, I eventually brewed my own beer.

Upon leaving tornado chasing and meteorology, I studied history and then did a dual-study of history and written communications in graduate school  (two Master’s Degrees). My research topic in history? American beer culture. My thesis while studying written communications involved a chapter on my journey to beer-nerdium.

I also wrote about my love affair with baseball. That will always be a part of it. In fact, as I write this to you, I”m watching the World Series. I’m rooting for the Royals because growing up, I loved George Brett and those awesome 80s Royal teams. My White Sox of 1983 beat the by 20 games — Winning Ugly, otherwise the Royals were a dominant team, until  they fell off the face of the Earth. Luckily, they are back. If the Sox can’t win, I’m glad they are. They deserve it. Plus, it’s a great town.

Now, I”m a writer that mostly does beer (and spirits) writing. I’ve grown as both a writer and a beer-geek, but I need tremendous practice in both those arenas. I’ve brewed my own beer, but that is in hiatus until my kids get a little bigger.

If you need more convincing, let me continue my argument.

You tweeted this:


I tweeted this:


  And I tweeted this:

Well, I could go on and on comparing our tweets. But, we are beer geeks. You could just follow me on Untappd, IG, Twitter, or whatever and you know that I’m going to have a plethora of beer pictures. I’m a beer geek, so  I do that.

You are a professional writer. I am — this is hard to believe now — a professional writer.

You are a baseball fan. I am a baseball fan.

You (mostly) write about the White Sox. I grew up a few miles from Comiskey.

You are a beer nerd. I am a beer nerd.

We should be friends. Best of friends.

Let me know when we should meet at any of the nearly 100 breweries in the Chicago metro area. I’l buy the first beer. That’s what friends do!


Mathew Powers
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