Should the “Beyhive” Encourage Beyonce to Boycott All “Stand Your Ground” States, Too?

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail


Soon after the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Stevie Wonder announced at his most recent concert in Quebec City that he would not perform in the State of Florida until its controversial “Stand Your Ground” law was abolished.  Reminiscent of when Ray Charles boycotted Georgia for its’ segregation laws in the 1960s and the Artists United Against Apartheid Movement of the 1980s, is it time to use our collective power as music fans and music downloaders to petition the artists of this era do the same?

While Stevie made a sentimental statement for his stance, no one could deny that if Beyonce, who is currently on a world tour, boycotted Florida (or any of the other 20 states who have “Stand Your Ground” laws) that the sheer magnitude of her celebrity would move a boycott beyond sentimentality to having an highly economic impact, one that would more significantly protest laws that are neither equitable nor equally administered.

It can be argued that this fight isn’t Beyonce’s or that of any other artist to win.  However, if those with the loudest voice can’t (or won’t) speak for those with no voice, then should we begin to question the crux of why we extol, admire, and support them with our money?


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