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Those who follow my personal account on social media will notice that I made references to “top secret projects” and “cones of silence”.  That I disappeared on Travers Day, for example.  And while some people already know what is in the paragraphs below, the goal of what’s below is to present it on a public level.  Hey, if LeBron James can do it….

Since its inception in 2012, Picks & Ponderings has functioned from the city of the Chicago and called both Arlington International Racecourse and Hawthorne Race Course its home tracks. An alliance this year was crafted with Nicolle Neulist of Blinkers Off, and she’s filled her half of the role with utmost aplomb and skill.  That alliance isn’t going to change.  The two of us covering horse racing isn’t going to change.

http://www.blogcdn.com/green.autoblog.com/media/2007/12/ford-u-haul-eco-paint.jpgWhat will change is where it comes from.  Rarely, personal lives are shared in this space here.  But personal lives don’t go third off the layoff and personal lives aren’t 25% wins on the turnback to a one-turn mile.  For these personal reasons, I am moving out of the city of Chicago.  I’m not moving far away, and the Hawthorne-Arlington-Hawthorne circuit will still be my home circuit.  The “top secret project” and “cone of silence” have all been related to the tasks and hurdles of relocation.  Travers Day for me was not spent watching the Travers, but looking over rental contracts.

For me, I now have the opportunity to make a new “Wagering Command Center”, and it will be halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee.  Should I want to see a show, I’ll have to go here. But I can still write and wager on the horses.  But whereas Nicolle or I could catch a race remotely from Trackside Chicago if we wanted, I’ll have to be content with this OTB if I don’t go to the track.

Moving also takes time and resources, and it follows that I’ll be in a period of relocation-related transition.  I know that Picks & Ponderings teammate Nicolle can handle the task of flying solo at times for a little bit while yours truly stuffs life into boxes and takes it to some new locale.  I thank her for what she’s done, and what I anticipate she’ll do.

But I also hope you readers can provide a modicum of patience in this moment.  I know you have come to Picks & Ponderings in delightfully solid numbers, and I know that you appreciate these columns.  Yet it could be a challenge to make a column when you’re waiting for the cable company to come between 3 and 8 to turn back on your internet.  What I can pledge is to keep the distractions and delays as minimal as possible, to get back to creating what you came for in the first place.

The social media accounts will still function as before – though perhaps with a little less of me at the controls.  And I’ll be sure to let you know when things are back to normal.


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