On the Eve of Hawthorne Showvivor (Fall)

The following is taken from the February 22nd post “On the Eve of Hawthorne Showvivor”, and is replicated below. New dates are added, old ones . There’s a new round of Hawthorne Showvivor.

The Author will be participating in the contest, and as a bonus to you ChicagoNow readers, I’ll divulge each day I am alive in the contest what the pick will be.   It’s my second third Showvivor, as I lasted until Day 3 5 last time and finished in the top 10% last the first time.  We’re aiming high this go-around.

The contest starts on Friday February 24 October 10 and goes until only one person correctly gets all their horses in the top three  or the end of the meet, whatever comes first.

You can follow its progress each day on Twitter (@heylaserbeam, with a “Twitter Box” on the far right side of the screen) and on the contest’s leaderboard;  where I will play using my Twitter name.

The first selection will go live late Thursday/early Friday.  Good luck

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