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A Horseplayer's Buffet

Grab a plate. Loosen that belt. Break out the comfy pants. This weekend (and next weekend, too) are two weekends where there’s wall-to-wall high quality horse racing. I admit to this weekend passing the all-you-can-watch buffet, simply because I like next weekend’s just a bit better. But if you want to watch and play this... Read more »

The 2012 Illinois Derby on WGN

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We are less than two weeks away from the return of stakes racing to Chicago. And it begins with the Grade 3, $500K Illinois Derby, the local feeder to the Kentucky Derby. Be sure to check out and for Illinois Derby news, notes, picks, ponderings, and more.  

Carry On

The Sunday March 18 card at Hawthorne will be conducted under summer-like weather and with a carryover.  Its Pick 6 pool has a carryover of $39,671. Now, the carryover pool came about from a succession of days where bettors did not correctly select the winners in the final six races.  Each day there is not... Read more »

Derby Dozen 3

Once again, it’s time for another round of Derby Dozen.  Spring has arrived (quite early, and with much wind).  With that, it’s time to get into serious Kentucky Derby Preps.  This past weekend featured the San Felipe (which we previewed, and we thank our many readers for checking out) and the Tampa Bay Derby. The... Read more »

Madness and More Madness

I had no idea that Monday is National Bracket Day.  Well, I was aware that this is the day you start filling out your brackets for the NCAA tournament.  But I had no idea there was a national day for it. This post is a slight departure, as it focuses on the NCAA tournament and... Read more »

San Felipe Stakes Preview

The Saturday card at Hawthorne is average-tastic.  (The Sunday card is better.) So we hit the road once again to an out-of-town prep race for the Kentucky Derby.  The following piece, which will also be submitted for Iron Maidens Thoroughbreds, takes a look at the San Felipe Stakes.   Good luck!   The Grade Two, $300K... Read more »

Off and On

If you’re looking for any Hawthorne Showivor Day X posts, you need not look any longer.  Last Friday DUBIOUS did not fire at all and finished second to last.  So The Author finishes in the top 300 (82nd percentile) of Hawthorne Showvivor. Bah.  Phooey. We’ll pick our spots a bit more carefully (but we’re still... Read more »

Young Blood

The following post is a counter-response to this article, which appeared on Yahoo! sports and appeared on Twitter on Tuesday Feb. 27.  The full article is available here. The Author lays out six points to explain why horse racing is experiencing a decline among those under the age of 40.  Two of those points will... Read more »

Hawthorne Showvivor Day 5

Day 4 Recap: REMEMBERMEALWAYS got the win over our Showvivor Pick (and post time favorite) OUR ELEANOR. The big winner on this day was the camera and photography crew, who had to work while facing a stiff south wind blowing from backstretch to grandstand.  Most of the card was conducted with a wind blowing at... Read more »