Twizzler — Petraits Rescue

Twizzler — Petraits Rescue

Twizzler is sweet, friendly and lovable 13-week-old, 3.7 pound female black Californian-mix rabbit looking for a loving guardian.

Twizzler is extremely social and loves other rabbits. She currently lives with her mom rabbit Sage, and aunt rabbit Smudge in a foster home. She’s never been in a cage in her life. She lives in a large exercise pen when not supervised, and uses a litter box just like a cat.

She would love a home with another rabbit. If you don’t already have a rabbit, she can be adopted with her Mom Sage and Aunt Smudge, or one of her brothers, Bob or Floyd.

Twizzler is a typically fast and fun rabbit. She lets you pick her up and hug her, but she’s probably not the best option for small children.

She eats a diet of timothy and orchard hays, a handful of pellets and a lot of salad. If you’d like to read up on rabbits and their care, please check out:

Twizzler’s adoption fee of $100 benefits the rescued pets of Friends of Petraits Rescue. Her entire set up including her exercise pen, litter box and litter, pellets, water bowl, hay and carrying case is available for an additional $100.

To meet and possibly adopt her, please fill out an adoption application at and follow up by contacting to make an appointment to meet her.

She is too young to be spayed, but she is extremely healthy, vet-checked and will be be spayed in February. She is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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