Kong — Petraits Rescue

Kong — Petraits Rescue

Kong is an adorable one-year-old, male white albino Syrian hamster looking for a loving guardian.

Kong is handleable and active. He loves running on his wheel and he’s fun to watch play, explore and feed treats. The main diet of hamsters is pellets, supplemented with tiny amounts of fresh foods like broccoli, whole unsalted peanuts in the shell, tofu and tiny bites of carrots to name a few.

Kong was dropped off at Chicago Animal Care and Control when he bit a child, and his family was afraid to handle him. There’s really nothing aggressive about him, but it’s always best to be cautious when handling hamsters and make sure you don’t wake them up out of a sound sleep. Even the sweetest hamster can bite if startled by quick movements in their cage.

To meet and possibly adopt Kong, please fill out an adoption application at http://www.friendsofpetraits.com and e-mail friendsofpetraits@gmail.com to set up an appointment to meet him.

Kong’s adoption fee of $25 benefits rescued pets and includes his carrying case.

If you need a complete set-up for your new hamster including a 20-gallon glass aquarium with metal screen lid, food, litter, treats, toys, water bottle, hidey huts, and exercise wheel, the whole set-up is available for $75.

Kong is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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