Sage and Smudge — Petraits Rescue

Sage and Smudge — Petraits Rescue

Sage and Smudge are adult female Californian rabbits looking for loving guardians along with their five seven-week-old babies that they raised together.

The rabbits were relinquished to Friends of Petraits Rescue due to a family’s inability to care for them.

These rabbits eat a healthy diet of mostly timothy and orchard hays, a small amount of pellets, plenty of fresh greens … romaine, carrots with tops, cilantro, and bites of apples, etc as treats.

They love chewing on toys made from edible hays and wood; they shred them, roll them, and throw them around. They also enjoy batting around balls. Watching an entire family of rabbits together is amazing.

The father of the rabbits is a black rabbit that had been given away before I met him.

They would be best adopted in pairs or to a home with another rabbit because they are very social and bonded.

They also love attention from their humans. I keep the rabbits in two attached 30” high exercise pens with fun toys, water bowl, and multiple large litter boxes for hopping in.

They love to explore the home, but I keep an eye on them as rabbits can chew cords and woodwork. They could easily be happy house rabbits if you rabbit-proof. They are learning to use their litter boxes quite well.

The adult females will be spayed in December. The babies will be neutered and spayed in January. Their adoption fee of $200 as a pair benefits Friends of Petraits Rescue. If you need a carrying case, food, hay, litter, litter boxes, pens, and favorite toys, those are available through the rescue as well.

Please fill out the adoption application at and follow up by contacting for an appointment to meet them.

If you’d like to read up on rabbits and their care, please check out:

They are being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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