Harley — Petraits Rescue

Harley — Petraits Rescue

Harley is a cuddly, affectionate and loyal, three-year-old, 55-pound female tan and white pit bull terrier with hazel eyes looking for a loving guardian.

Harley lived with a man and his other seven-year-old female pit bull. Tragically, the man passed away of a drug overdose this week and his dogs were left to guard his body for days.

We do not know how she would be with cats.

Harley is housebroken, gets along with other dogs when introduced properly, walks well on leash and is quiet enough to live in an apartment.

She loves to be petted and shows her trust by rolling over and letting you rub her belly.

She appears well-behaved with people of all ages and is accustomed to hanging out with family.

Harley is healthy and will be spayed and fully-vetted.

To meet and possibly foster/adopt Harley, please fill in the application at https://friendsofpetraits.com/dog-cat-adoption-application/
and follow up by e-mailing friendsofpetraits@gmail.com.

Her adoption fee of $200 benefits the rescued pets Friends of Petraits Rescue.

She is currently all alone in her original apartment in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood.

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