Bunny — Petraits Rescue

Bunny — Petraits Rescue
Bunny is a four-year-old male Dutch House Rabbit looking for a loving guardian.
Bunny spends his time in a pen when people aren’t around to supervise, but when you’re home watching him, he loves to run around the house and is pretty well litter box-trained with some stray little poops.
According to his former family, he has more accidents on wood floors and is very good on carpet. Perhaps he’s less stressed when he has better footing!
Bunny enjoys daily salads of romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cilantro and a lot of timothy and/or orchard hay. He also eats about a quarter cup of pellets a day.
As a treat he enjoys the occasional berry, brussel sprouts, dried strawberries and banana chips. He hates zucchini!
He’s not big on being picked up, (rabbits rarely are) but an experienced rabbit-lover can easily handle him to trim nails and groom him. He let me give him a good brushing, nail trim, and snuggled in my lap for a while.
Bunny is great with people; he just doesn’t like to be picked up. But he loves running around with me in the same room.
He appears to have enjoyed the company of other rabbits, and cats, in the past, but currently is the only rabbit available at Friends of Petraits Rescue.
He was given up when his humans moved to a no-pets apartment. Bunny is very healthy and already neutered. His adoption fee of $150 benefits Friends of Petraits Rescue and includes all his belongings … his exercise pen, carrying case, pellets, hay, toys, water bowl, food bowl, litter box, litter and favorite toys.
Please contact friendsofpetraits@gmail.com if you’re interested in adopting Bunny.
Please read up on house rabbits and their care: http://www.rabbit.org/.
He is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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