Wrigley — Petraits Rescue

Wrigley — Petraits Rescue

Wrigley is a three-week-old, wiggly but fun Golden hamster baby looking for a loving guardian.

Wrigley is learning to appreciate attention from his people, lots of different foods and treats, spinning on his wheel and exploring his surroundings.

Golden hamsters live alone in their habitats so it’s important to give daily attention and love.

In captivity, these golden hamster can run two to five miles per a 24-hour period and can store up to one ton of food in a lifetime. It’s fun to watch them pack their cheeks with their food.

Since this is a baby, he will need patient daily handling and socialization to tame, so he will be gentle and not afraid of humans.

His adoption fee of $15 benefits the Friends of Petraits Rescue. If you need an entire hamster habitat, aquarium, bedding, food, treats, toys, exercise wheel or flying saucer, hidey hut and water bottle – everything you need including the hamster – the whole package is available for $75.

To meet and possibly adopt Wrigley please contact friendsofpetraits@gmail.com.

Wrigley is being fostered in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

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