About To the Rescue!

Meet our mascot, Commander Kevin. He, like many animals who wind up in shelters, was riding the fine line between life and death at my local animal control because the stress of kennel life was getting to be too much for him to bear. Get the full scoop here. SHARING SAVES sm Happily, he made it out alive and I can tell you without hesitation that social media saved his life.

Now, you and I know that there are TONS of Kevins out there. Dogs. Cats. Rabbits. Our animal controls are full of them. You don't need me to overstate the obvious. But I'll tell you what IS needed, and what you are going to find at this blog. A GUIDE to help you get the info you need before and after you adopt (or volunteer, or foster, or donate...).

Want the inside scoop on all things rescue?

I'll help you learn who is who in rescue and why you should care. Believe me, I know that it is overwhelming to navigate animal rescue sites and social media pages. It is so much easier to just go to Petfinder and call it a day but you would never have seen Kevin there. He was only available for rescue pull.

Rescue pull? And that means what?!  Exactly. I had to learn what that meant, too.

How would you like a "Shelter Speak" secret decoder ring to go along with your blog reading and Facebook surfing?

I will help you figure out what all this shelter speak on the rescue sites means. Pulling cats? TNR? Rescue only? BSL? And what is the deal with 'Kill Shelters' and is it better to adopt from them or should you only support 'No Kill' organizations?

Come along with me and meet the people behind the scenes.

You'll find interviews with local organization leaders as well as volunteers, animal foster and trainers to help you understand what is going on in animal welfare. If you've been interested in getting involved but have been afraid it will be too hard, too sad, too tempting to bring too many home or too time consuming, we'll talk straight about all those issues so you can think things through.

Let's band together and help the next "Commander Kevin" or "Meowy the Magnificent" get a second chance at a happy life.

While I'm showing you around the rescues, I'll give you the scoop on some of the animals you can meet there and maybe together we can help their forever humans find them a little more quickly.

Needing a little help with your furry family member?

I'll be sure to include tips from trainers and other resources to help you be the most awesome pet parent you can be.

And be prepared for me to sometimes go in a few unexpected directions. But don't worry, I'll bet you will still find yourself able to relate.

This ain't my first 'rescue rodeo'. Case in point is this series.  I'm sharing my story in the hope that there will be some value in it for you because I know a lot of animal lovers are also caregivers of humans, too. And we can all suffer from a little compassion fatigue, burnout and stress from time to time.

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