Need a Quality Custom Harness? Hug-a-Dog Harnesses are Durable AND Crazy Cute

Need a Quality Custom Harness? Hug-a-Dog Harnesses are Durable AND Crazy Cute

I am not generally a person who dresses up dogs. In fact, dressing up MYSELF is a pretty rare event, what with all the pup-related activities in my life. HOWEVER, I end every week with a special visit to walk two of the best dressed and sweetest dogs you could ever hope to meet and it is the excellent meshing of fashion AND high quality function that has me gushing over their wardrobes. Not long ago, little Sophie got two new harness dresses from Dachshund Delights and they are so incredibly well made with such gorgeous detailing I just need to get them on your radar screen.sophie-harness-1

The harness dress is custom made to measure, with very strong and wide Velcro belly straps as well as Velcro and snap enclosures at the neck. There are two loops on the back for leash attachment. The material is as durable as it is delightful and I fully expect her dresses to wear like iron. I have been walking her weekly in these since Christmas and they look absolutely good as new. She is snug as a bug in a rug wearing her harness and I trust it without question.sophie-harness-3

And can we just talk about the little bustle effect and the little school girl collar?harness-detail

But don’t let the cuteness factor make you think this is a wussy girl. This little lady is one tough cookie. When I met her a year and a half ago she was barely able to walk due to spinal problems resulting from her early life as a puppy mill mom. (Our walks then were really practice standing sessions.) So, spoiling her with high fashion…this plucky girl deserves to add a tiara to this outfit for all she has been through and overcome!

The Hug-a-Dog vest-style harness is custom made by master seamstresses, and they DO make them for dogs of other breeds (not sure what the size limit might be).

I will have to get you a picture of the mesh harness her ‘brother’ will be sporting when the weather warms up. I got to put it on him once recently and I could not stop smiling. He looked very Muscle Beach. Ridiculously adorable.

In the winter, though, you are likely to see him sporting this uber hip combo with his winter jacket from K9 Apparel and his Pawz boots. (Go here for a demonstration of the boots going on.)

Sing it with me now…I want a doxie with orange boots and a loooooooooooong jacket!

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