Petland, Retail Pet Business Ties Raise Serious Concerns in Mike Isaac's Run for Naperville City Council Among Citizens Supporting Humane Ordinance, End to Puppy Mill Ties

Mike Isaac publicly positions himself as an animal advocate, but for the citizens of Naperville who have been hard at work to encourage the city government to move in a more humane direction by banning businesses with puppy mill ties, his run for City Council appears tantamount to a fox campaigning to guard a hen house.

While it is true that Isaac no longer owns a Petland store, a franchise well documented to have deep ties with puppy mill breeders, he has certainly not stepped away from the industry all together. Two businesses you need to be aware of. PAWSitive Inc, which according to Isaac’s LinkedIn profile, is a call center dealing with issues of operations & sales, product supply chain, distribution fulfillment, warehousing, logistics, inventory control, budgeting, quality control and operations, has a staff of over 50 employees who report directly to Mike.

Looking for a job? They are hiring.

Our family-based, PAWSitive company is looking for multiple agents immediately to join our rapidly growing company! With our competitive pay of hourly or commission (whichever is higher) our agents have the ability to write their own paychecks! Our Registrations Call Centers are responsible for calling customers whom have recently purchased or adopted new puppies to verify their new puppy’s Registration, enroll them in pet recovery and/or pet insurance as well as sell products and services offered exclusively by PAWSitive Registrations and our affiliates. The ideal candidate will enjoy working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment and is eager for an exceptional opportunity to work in the booming pet market!

But are you right for them? Here is the FIRST bullet point listing the qualities of the ideal candidate:

• A dynamic, determined, money-driven, professional and confident character

In other words, a die hard pet lover.

But it does not stop there. Mike Isaac is also the CEO and CFO of Third Party Pet, which seeks to help strengthen retail pet stores.

From the Third Party Pet website:

Third Party Pet is not just a third party service company, we live the pet business on a daily basis.  We act more as a business consultant, to help pet store owners increase their profitability, than we do a service company.  Where we have seen holes in the management of pet store sales and procedures, we have developed solutions to fix those problems.

And guess what, ALL of their glowing testimonials come from very satisfied Petland stores.

Here is an example:

“Third Party Pet attends to my customer’s needs and takes the hassle out of claims…increasing employee morale.”

Petland Monroeville

That quote alone raises very serious questions as the franchise has notoriously had claims brought against them for sick puppies, (talk about a hassle!). Now, to be fair, for all we know the claims at Monroeville were related to cracked fish tanks, but for those who have been following the issues, this quote certainly raises concerns.

When specifically asked in a Facebook comment about whether he would vote for or against a Humane Ordinance in Naperville, Isaac replied,

As I stated recently when asked this same question; I would need to see the specifics, but I most certainly believe all pets should be humanely raised and support protecting owners’ right to know everything possible about the health and humane care of their pet. If elected, I will always review any concern and potential ordinance carefully to understand the facts before voting. I am always open to discussions and understanding situations thoroughly so that I can confidently vote “yes” or “no”. 

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Also be aware of this meeting coming up if you are a Naperville resident:

7PM, Feb. 8 / Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation has aplanned forum date for Naperville City Council in City Council Chambers, 400 S. Eagle St. (Up to 2 hours) All NAHC forums will be broadcast on Naperville Public access station WCNC and will also be available for on-line streaming via the city website. 

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