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An American Middle School Tale

Some mornings, while I’m in line waiting for the bell to ring, half-ass listening to my friends talk about who posted what on their Snapchat stories, I stare at him from afar, wondering what kind of sick shit he has running through his mind. Some days, when our classes are out for recess, I try... Read more »

In My Dreams, Divorce is Better

I can feel no hatred in my heart as my eyesight slowly starts to fade in. My body is telling me that there is simply no more room for it. No more room in my heart, no more room in my thoughts, no more room in my life. Only relief and gratitude. I sit up... Read more »

Two Daughters, One Mother, So Many Wrongs

Nobody talks to me at school. Well, let’s throw you a party and get you some friends. Nobody talks to me at school. Well, always carry a book or a journal with you so you’re never really alone. One is too popular. One is a loner. One does well in school. One continues to struggle. One reads.... Read more »