Al Gore: Trump 'attempting to put his knee on the neck of democracy'

Al Gore: Trump 'attempting to put his knee on the neck of democracy'

Former Vice President Al Gore did a virtual newsmakers event, via Reuters, yesterday and the upcoming Presidential election was one of the many topics that were covered. Fielding a multitude of questions from the media, during a one hour session, Al Gore stated his beliefs that Donald Trump might not accept the results of the election in November, should they not go in his favor.

Gore added that Trump is planting the seeds of doubt right now, and that he has no problem ripping us apart as a country in doing so, specifically remarking that Trump is “attempting to put his knee on the neck of democracy.”

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The metaphor was obviously a reference to Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd, and it’s rather apt when you consider the means and measures that Trump has taken already towards voter suppression.

It’s amazing how low we have sunk as a country when the mere act of voting has been politicized, and something as inoffensive as the post office has been made to be a political football. 

Of course, I’m biased as medication that usually arrives at my pharmacy the next day, took 18 days this time due to mail service disruption. Al Gore said he doesn’t know for sure what Trump will do, if/when he loses, but that it “doesn’t matter” because “it’s not up to him.

The winner of the 2000 Presidential Election’s popular vote, but loser in the Electoral College remains confident the Constitutional system will hold, and that the various levels of the justice and legal systems will do their jobs and remove him, if needs be. 


“I hope Joe Biden is elected, and if that is the case the police force, the secret service, the military, all of the executive branch officers will respond to the command and direction of the new President,” said Gore. “It will not matter if Donald Trump personally accepts it or not.”

“This is going to be a turnout election, and Donald Trump’s voters will turn out. He’s lost some support in his base, but he will have a historic turnout, I imagine. So the Democrats will have to get an even bigger turnout.”

When asked straight-forwardly on the call, Al Gore says he’s not interested in a position in the Joe Biden cabinet, should he be offered one. Trump has been going on incessantly, almost everyday this month in one form or another, about voter fraud this November.

He’s claiming it’s rigged, long before the votes have even cast, let alone counted.

It’s a pre-emptive excuse for losing, and it signals that he is very unlikely to concede defeat and accept the results, no matter how close or how wide the margin could be, if he loses. Gore was pressed on the idea of Trump contesting the results, and he said of course it’s very plausible.

“He has signaled that he will challenge the election results and yes that is a concern,” Gore answered.

“He seems to have no compunction at all about trying to rip apart the social fabric and politicial equilibrium of the American people.”

“He’s strategically planting doubts in advance to try and undermine people’s confidence in the election system. We have to push back against this despicable strategy that he’s signaling.”


“To try and deprive people who are scared of the pandemic from voting, by dismantling the postal service, he’s attempting to put his knee on the neck of democracy, and in the process create doubt that he thinks will come back and help him, and create chaos and confusion which is the millieu that he seems to prefer.”

Al Gore added his faith that the consitutional system will hold, just as it has stood up against all of the norms that Trump has violated thus far. It’s important to note however that elections are certified by the states, and that the states certify all races on election day, not individual races, one by one.

Basically, it means that even if the Republicans play along with Trump’s “it’s rigged” routine, they would then be failing to certify all down ballot GOP winners on November 3; i.e. they won’t.

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