Elizabeth Warren Now Establishing Front-Runner Level Momentum

Elizabeth Warren Now Establishing Front-Runner Level Momentum

As Henry David Thoreau once said “one is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something.” And right now, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a woman with a plan for everything, has assumed the role of front-runner within the Democratic party.

She didn’t have the greatest debate performance, last night, but she did have the most speaking time, a change from the September debate, when she was third in words spoken behind Joe Biden and Cory Booker. Last night, she edged out Biden in total words spoken: 3,695-3,064. More importantly, the general tone and theme of the night was everyone vs Elizabeth Warren- a situation that makes her seem like the front-runner.

Warren has gained a lot of traction according to the odds on the Democratic Party Presidential Nominees, and the polls keep moving forward in her favor as well. Using the rolling averages of 10 different polls since August 25th, her average has surged 30 consecutive times. Over that period, Warren’s across the poll average climbed from 16.9% to 25%.

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Her main rival for the nomination, Joe Biden, has stayed put in the 28% range. Just yesterday, a new poll had Warren at 28%, and now ahead of Biden. Additionally, the brand name recognition of Elizabeth Warren is heading north as well. She was the second most tweeted about Democrat last night during the fourth debate, behind only Biden. She was the third most tweeted about politician behind only Warren and Trump.

Where is this surge coming from? It could be that more Americans are feeling the pain of the increasing wealth gap in this country, and Warren has more class warfare bonafides than anyone else. The top 1% of this country owns more than the bottom 90%.

“My question is not why do Bernie (Sanders) and I support a wealth tax,” she said last night. “It’s why does everyone else on this stage think it’s more important to protect billionaires than to invest in a generation of Americans.”


As far as recent Presidential candidates go, Elizabeth Warren is like an antithetical Mitt Romney, whose candidacy was perhaps best symbolized by his infamously stating his belief that people with a net worth of $200,000 are “middle income.” So by his logic, if you have $199,000 in the bank, you are poorer than the average American.

That figure is actually top 2%-3%, and attacking the one percenters is a valid strategy for 2020. “Working for Main Street, not Wall Street” is a tired cliched applause line, but it’s also effective. Three individuals in America have more wealth than the bottom half of Americans.

Sticking to the issues, especially those of the socioeconomic vein, and avoiding the social media noise is a good strategy for Warren. She wouldn’t take the bait from Senator Kamala Harris, and her calls to get Donald Trump’s Twitter account removed.

“I don’t just want to push Trump off Twitter,” Warren responded to this talking point. “I want to push him out of the White House in 2020.”


While Elizabeth Warren didn’t have the greatest debate, she did enough to likely pull ahead in the horse race. Of course, it remains to be seen if all of Warren’s plans have pragmatism or not. Perhaps Senator Amy Klobuchar said it best: “the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done.”

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