Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren: Better Chance of Winning the Nomination?

Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren: Better Chance of Winning the Nomination?

We’re still more than a year away from the 2020 Presidential election, but we’ve already defined what will move the single issue voters on the left time around- winning.

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill: “victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be” over incumbent President Donald Trump. So how does the Democratic party get there? Well, first and foremost (and this goes for all parties and political persuasions by the way), they must shed any belief in the term “electability.” 2016 showed us just how meaningless that term is nowadays. 

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We’ll cover the prospects for the general election next year, when the time comes. For now, we have to look at who the Democrats’ challenger to Trump will be, and right now Senator Elizabeth Warren has surpassed Joe Biden as an early favorite. Biden brings better name brand recognition and the superior resume of having served as Vice-President for two terms under POTUS44 Barack Obama. However, support for him has recently slipped, mostly due to a series of verbal gaffes, and media bias towards sensationalism and manufactured controversy greatly over-amplifying those gaffes.

He’s also fallen victim to the “circular firing squad” that Obama himself has warned Americans about. The extremist/fringe wing of the left has often made the perfect the enemy of the good in 2019 through social media outrage and forcing an apology culture. Biden has been their target, early and often.

As for Warren, she seems to have a plan for just about everything, and although her governmental acumen and political wonkiness are indeed genuine virtues, some are turned off by that. Warren will have to battle against the portion of the electorate that votes according to “who would you rather have a beer with?” and those who believe her economic policies are too far left.


Still, her recent surge is very likely to sustain, given how it’s based on strong debate performances and ramped up campaign donations. A tanking economy and/or increasing wealth inequality are certainly friends to her campaign. If the economy recedes, as the recent inverted yield curve suggests it will, then the electorate will look to replace the incumbent President.

 If economic numbers do not falter, then all of Trump challengers will have an uphill climb. A yield curve inversion does not guarantee a recession, but every recession of the half-century plus has been preceded by an inverted yield curve. If a recession does hit, it would be most favorable for the Dems if it comes sometime in the spring or summer.

Warren, out of any candidate in the entire field, has the best taking on big business/Wall St./the plutocracy chops. If and when people start feeling the socioeconomic pain, they could look to her, provided they make the connection between the current class war being waged, and the individual best equipped to fight for their behalf.


Bernie Sanders seeing some of his supporters leave him for Warren is definitely an indication that this could happen.  Regardless of whether the nominee is Biden or Warren, both have shown the ability to hit right back at Trump whenever POTUS 45 starts up a scrap. Possessing that trait is critical to winning outright.

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