Three of the Biggest Issues Facing Journalism Today (Audio)

Three of the Biggest Issues Facing Journalism Today (Audio)

FAYETTEVILLE- This past weekend saw the University of Arkansas host “Building Bridges: The Fulbright Legacy and the Future of International Exchange.” 

It was a conference attended by Fulbright alumni and grantees, and as an alumnus myself, I headed south to attend the event, where I led the Journalism World Cafe. The session was entitled “Images and Perceptions: Journalism’s Role in Shaping the View of other Countries,” and broken up into three parts.

Audio of all three sessions is below, so have a listen and then join in the conversation…by commenting below!

Session 1 (above) focuses on gross misperceptions and how to try and correct inaccuracies.

The media’s failure when it came to protests staged during the national anthem is used as the primary example here.  

Session 2 (below) focuses on how to make positive stories, instead of the negative, go viral

As this was an American-German exchange, part of the #WunderbarTogether initiative (the year of German-American friendship) I opened by sharing the tale from the first Bastian Schweinsteiger press conference as a member of the Chicago Fire.

Session 3 (below) focuses on the scourge of both sidesism plaguing the media (for an explanation of what we mean by that, pay close attention to the first couple minutes.

Climate change was used as the classic example. 

Again feel free to join in the conversation by commenting below

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